What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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I'll probably spend more of the weekend resting than actually playing games, although one cropped up in my Steam library this week that I'm rather keen to return to.

It's been an awfully long time since I considered playing PAYDAY 2. The developers recently gave away five million copies of the game on Steam, however, which gave Tegan the chance to pick it up for free, and reminded a friend that they also had the game in their Steam account. I've been looking for a co-op experience, like a Diablo or something that's not completely competitive, and PAYDAY seemed like it would fit the bill.

So, touch wood, I'm going to give the heist simulator a bit of a run over the weekend. I'll be recuperating for most of it though - I was ill from the start of last weekend, and E3 week doesn't do wonders for your health whether you're attending in person or reporting from home.

What are you playing this weekend?


    Starting to really enjoy the first Watch Dogs on PS4. Online is a pretty fun time, with races, stealth hacking and tailing. Plenty of busy stuff to do in the game besides the main story (which is a good thing). Chicago is fun to drive and run around and the hacking is something different.

    Also playing Yo-Kai Watch on 3DS. Jibanyan FTW!

      Despite the negative reviews, I'm also keen to try out Watchdogs since it's free on Xbox One this month.

        I think it's just the main story and protagonist that are pretty mediocre, but since that is the bread and butter of what most people would have reviewed, they mightn't have weighted the other stuff as much.

        For instance, there are city hotspots that you can 'check in' at, and each one will give you an interesting tidbit about Chicagoan(?) history.

        The combat and driving is pretty good by third-person shooter standards, and the hacking stuff (not so much the mini-games) but what you can achieve with hacking, is cool as fuck.

        Driving desperately to escape cars full of private security guys, and hacking a bridge, or steam pipe or blocker, to stop your pursuers is a blast.

      As someone who finished Watch Dogs just yesterday, I can agree with you in that game has at least very solid gameplay. The upgrade systems and the ton of side stuff to do in that game make it enjoyable for sure. As others have said, yeah it's definitely the story (plus flavor text of missions) and the dude you play that is the big letdown. It made me feel... icky. If you ignore all that though, you have a pretty fun game!

    Hard push into online Tekken. Also lookibg to get back into Payday 2, Sniper Elite Zombie and R6Siege with some mates.

      I am actually surprised that there is not also a roll20 group on Kotaku. I feel like there are always enough articles and comments that it should have been a thing.

    I'm back to working through The Witcher 3. Just finished The Battle of Kaer Morhen & Bald Mountain missions, which I have to say are probably the most epic missions/story I have ever played!

      Makes me itch to go back to Skellige!

        As soon as the Pro update comes through, I'm gonna start a new play-through.

          Me too! I've got the DLC to play, so that should improve the experience.

          Can't imagine how beautiful this game would be on PC. Wonder how it would look on Xbox One X on a 4k TV?

            I played through it with my pc hooked up to my uhd 55" tv and it was phenomenal. Capped at 30fps though but it never dropped a frame. What a game...

    Slowly sniping my way through Bolivia in ghost recon wildlands and talking d&d with the housemate

    Trying out some squads in PUBG and getting familiar with Dirt 4 (love what I have played already).

    Same plan as last weekend, likely same result: Aim to finish Prey and make some progress on my Destiny API code, in actuality I'll spend all of my time playing Factorio. I'm 36 hours into this base and I'm tempted to scrap it all because I'm constantly learning I have nowhere near enough room to set up production lines where they're needed.

    Mostly I'll be playing SMT: Digital Devil Saga but I'll probably spend some time in Tekken 7 trying to "git gud son" along with some running around making alliances with demons while slaughtering their friends in SMT IV.

    lol. this is sad, literally nothing as a I have four month old bub.

    I don't know! Maybe some Destiny? *shrugs*

    Or might finally get started on the Return to Arkham version of Arkham City...

    Stormblood early access is up tonight, so I'll be questing to get from post-Heavenward to the Stormblood content. Gonna do the story as a healer, but trying to decided between White Mage and Astrologist.

    Killing Floor 2 on PS4. I want to become the best gunslinger I can be

    My copy of the new Xia boardgame expansion comes in today, so will be taking that for a few spins :) ... and lots of D&D

    I managed to pick up the Fallen Angel Edition of GR:W on PC for $95 from that massive EB sale so I'm finally playing that.

    Also PAYDAY2? Hell yes. What an awesome game. Enjoy!

    Picked up the Dark Souls 3 DLC recently so I'm playing through that at the moment. I'm enjoying the Ashes of Ariandel so far and forgot how easy it is for the game to get me into a good 'flow state'. It's been over a year since I played it on release though so I pretty much suck again.

    Probably some Mass Effect: Andromeda and I've also started getting into Rocksmith as well.


      That's my plan too! I am 110hrs in and I think I am nearing the end, but it is still November only, so who knows

    I'll try to play some Squad but the Aussie servers are always full.

    Finally on the last quest for Horizon ZD...I sense a grind-y battle of battles ahead!

    More Quake Champions hopefully! :) i just got the Quake 2 railgun today, and the Quake 1 rocket launcher! (which is centred, not offset to the right!!!!!) So much better now!! :D

    I'm planning on finishing Mass Affect: Andromeda this weekend. I've really been enjoying it - in spite of the negative reviews, it feels very much like the other Mass Effect games to me.

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