What Are You Playing This Weekend?

The weekends are a good day for demon slaying, I hear.

I'll be working through more Darksiders Genesis over the next day or so, enjoying the game solo and in co-op. It's a good time to play ARPGs, with Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem looking like some old fashioned fun as well.

Wolcen: Lords Of Mayhem, As Told By Steam Reviews

What would happen if Diablo and Path of Exile shacked up and had a baby on the Cryengine? Apparently, Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem is the answer.

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Beyond that, I've got some mammoth board games to work through with a friend. I'll be swinging by the Bushfire Relief concert in Sydney on the weekend too, which should be great.

What are you playing this weekend?


    More Tales of Vesperia. Finally into Arc 3 and wrapping up all the side quest stuff I can, though still need to grind out a tonne of gald to finish it up. Forgot just how much I enjoy the game, even if the pacing can be a grind at times.

    More of The Outer Worlds. Nyoka & SAM as companions are my kick arse combo on Monarch at the moment.

    Nihon Sumo Kyokai Kounin: Nihon Oozumou Gekitou Honbashohen

    A PS2 sumo wrestling game made by Konami, that relies on managing stamina, balance, grapples and timing. Matches can be epic battles or over in seconds. Only have half an idea of what I'm doing as its obviously all in Japanese, and there's no English guides so I'm relying on the Google Translate app, but I'm determined to solve this riddle and go 15-0 in the tournament (current best is 5-10)

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    Slowly working my way through Shadowbringers - been getting bogged down by dailies during the week, so hopefully should be able to make some significant progress over the weekend. Might find some time to give Wolcen a go - I hear good things.

    Azur Lane Crosswave. Poked at it a bit, and it seems faithful to a 3D version of the game, including the grinding upgrade parts. No gacha tho, since it looks you earn points to unlock ships so no need to go through Fox Hell.

    Likely a bunch of Dead by Daylight as well. Not sure what else, since I'm at a stuck point at the end of the Final Singularity in FGO

    Playing 'Dark Souls: Remastered' right now.

    I had just finished 'Sekiro' with 100% achievements (which I do with every FROM game), and a friend decided to be a bit of a troll and bought me 'Remastered'. So even though I have already 100% cleared 'Prepare To Die Edition' I am going through DS1 again.

    Then again, having a reason to revisit a classic is always good.

    I will be playing some MK11 and Tekken 7. I love both these great games. It is truly a golden age for fighting games at the moment.

    I may play a little call of duty modern warfare as well. I am enjoying the "new" rust map.

    doing some modding for Fallout 4, try to release them today on LL

    Playing Bloodstained Ritual of the Night lately

    Might have a look at the latest patch for division 2 on the PS4

    Little bit of Star Trek Online (trying to get a t6 ship soon)

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