GTA Online Players Are Using The New Jet Engine Bike For Wild Stunts

Last month, GTA Online received a massive update that added a motorcycle with a jet engine strapped to the back. Since then, YouTubers have staged all manner of stunts with the new flying motorbike.

TheIvaneh and his group of stunters had a slew of jet bike shenanigans involving a large aeroplane, as you can see above. Landing on it is one thing, but they also fly right into the open front of the plane at high speeds. Most of them survive the stunt.

Failing stunts in GTA Online it can be just as fun to watch, though:

GTAMissions combines the massive Mobile Operations Center truck and semi, which was added in the Gunrunning update, with a group of jetbikes. The results are ridiculous:

Other stunters are pulling off cool tricks by themselves. Take wemattek Marzella, for instance, who uses the new rocket bike to thread a small opening in an elevated highway:

There's some wild stuff out there that almost makes me want to buy the bike — but it costs $2.6 million bucks. For many, this toy will be but a coveted fantasy. At least we can live vicariously through the stunt videos.


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