Nintendo Switch Battery Issue May Not Be As Bad As It Looks

If your Switch battery appears to drain rapidly, it might be an issue with the battery indicator, and not your actual battery.

Since launch, some Switch owners have intermittently reported issues with the battery draining rapidly. This recent video from YouTube channel Switch Force shows a couple of egregious examples — one person's battery drains from 100 per cent to one per cent in a minute:

That looks scary, but Switch owners have reported this issue for a while, and it might not be totally catastrophic. It turns out that for some Switch users, once the battery reaches one per cent, it doesn't actually turn off. One person was able to play for an additional 30-45 minutes on one per cent battery, with his total battery life lasting three hours in handheld mode. Another person said that they'd dealt with this issue since launch. One person I spoke to, Redditor theseconddennis, also said he was able to play for a while until the battery shut off while on one per cent. Today he solved the issue by turning the battery percentage display on and off, which worked for one other person.

So, if you're watching your Switch battery drain really fast, it might not be all that bad. Most users who reported this issue were also able to get their Switches repaired or replaced by Nintendo. Still, if you're freaking out, know that you might able to solve your problem with a tried and true method: Turning it off and on again.


    Switches cracking, bending, draining, dead pixels, not connecting to joycons... I can't remember the Vita having nearly as many problems. The only problems I've heard about with the Vita were expensive memory cards (LOL) and the occasional problem with the OLED screen having a faint watermarking on it.

      Cracking and bending? Haven't heard those ones yet.

        This happens when you bend the switch and it cracks. Why Nintendo can't overcome basic physics is beyond me.

    Great, get a replacement and lose all of your progress because you cannot backup saves.

      Your saves are cloud based so nice try

        To elaborate, I have a Switch and would love to know how to backup saves to the cloud.

          He is lying. There are no cloud backups of saves. There has been some developer documentation leak that may point to it happening at some point in the future. Big maybe. I would not expect it before the online subscription thing launches if it ever comes out.

            Thanks Darren. I know he is full of it. We all do. But the way he made the statement, ending it as if I was a troll, I wanted him to back it up. :D

    Remember during the Nintendo Switch Presentation in Tokyo earlier this year they said battery life will range from 2.5 hours to 6.5 hours my battery life is fine nothing wrong with that.

    The cracking and bending is user related, the dead pixel can happen as frequently as your monitor, Nintendo replaced my joycon in 3 days & it's been solved since.

    Just an FYI, you CAN actually own a PlayStation & a Switch and play different games on both. It's possible. I know... I was shocked too.

    "I don't like the switch" (no one is making you buy it, and it doesn't effect your current console or games)

    Does anyone smell envy?

      I purchased a day 1 New 2DSXL, dead pixel. Nintendo swapped it and organised transfer of my account with no issues at all.

      These things happen.

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