The PlayStation Winter Sale Is Pretty Damn Good

Image: Sony

Ratchet & Clank for $17.95. FIFA 17 for under $30. The Uncharted remastered bundle for under $30. Assassin's Creed: Syndicate for $22.95. The PlayStation Winter sale is here, and it's not half bad at all.

If you want to browse the full list yourself, and add the items directly to your account, head here. But as for the best discounts available, I've collated a list below:

Phew. That's a lot of discounts. Just under 500 games, bundles and packs of DLC have gotten a discount, so if you find something tasty that I missed let us know in the comments.


    Mass effect and the surge were the ones I was waiting on. People should get Yakuza 0 in the big in Japan sale. That game rules

    That new digital purchases tax stings a bit though

      The tax is just GST, isn't it? Which I'm sure the PS Store was charging already. I certainly haven't noticed the prices going up from what I've seen?

        hmm you're probably right. I just only noticed it

        Yep. And the government delayed the start of getting foreign companies to collect GST by another year anyway ...

    The Witness is about $12.55.

      Thank you, kind internet person. I've been waiting for that to get cheap (bought it full price on the PC, but wanted it on PS4 as well and wasn't going to pay full price twice.)

    There should be a counter article of all the "discount prices" that are laughable.

    Like GTAV still $60
    For Honor $60
    Tekken 7 $70

    all after discounts.

      Then vote with your wallet and don't buy it. PlayStation doesn't set 3rd party publishing prices.

      Tekken 7 hasnt been on discount yet and is a very new game. $70 instead of $100 is pretty good tbh

    I've picked up some of these games months ago from Big W or Target for less than the above. I love digital (cause lazy) but the price suuuuucks

    I know, no one owns a PSVR.. I get it. But for me, the first gen PSVR games are at decent (not spectacular) prices. Arkham Knight $22, Thumper $15, Windlands $22. They don't go on sale very often, I think last time was almost 6 months ago during Xmas sales.

    Is darksiders 2 worth playing?

      It's a bit different to the first one (if you played that)

      The gameplay is a bit more like a Devil May Cry slash-em-up (rapid attacks/combos etc) with some Diablo-esque looting and Zelda-style dungeons.

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