Artist Gives PS1 Jewel Case Art A Modern Makeover

Ben Nicholas worked for various companies, including Ubisoft and 343 Studios, and you've probably see us feature his work before.

Well the man never rests, and some of his latest work includes modern redesigns of the jewel case art for some classic PS1 games. The halls of great video game box art are filled with some really beautiful gems, but as of late it feels increasingly like a lost art. Does your game have a grizzly dude with weapon looking equally sad and pissed off about something? Fantastic! Ship it, bank it, and consider it a job well done.

So in case you needed reminding of just how beautiful and unique box art can be, look no further than Nicholas' latest collection of sophisticated retro imaginings.

You can see more of Ben's work at his ArtStation page.


    Wipeout doesn't need to be changed, it was already perfect.

      Being said the recreation art still fits the aesthetic exactly.

      Although props to the Resident Evil artwork, stuff is awesome IMO.

        Most of Ben's work is great! He's a very talented artist in both 2d and 3d! I've known him for many years through Polycount. If you're interested in seeing more of his stuff, follow him on twitter @BelgianBoolean

      Yeah Wipeout's whole schtick was a visual identity crafted by an entire graphic design studio. As dated as it looks now, it's pretty hard to improve upon.

      That typography looks pretty cheesy.

    There was a brief period where Sony did reversible covers for a few of their first party PS3 games. They had some really nice art, but they didn't do very many of them. I guess with the steady decline of physical media in favour of digital they probably don't see much point in investing in packaging.

    If they're modern, shouldn't they all just be images of a guy just standing there?

      ... With either a blue, orange, or blue orange colour scheme.

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