Halo Fan Loves The Warthog So Much He Built His Own

Image credit: CAPNJ1mmy

Halo 3 came out almost ten years ago, and one dedicated fan has spent seven of them attempting to build his very own Warthog.

As Bryanthavercamp's project has reached its final stages, his friend CAPNJ1mmy took to Reddit to upload the results.

You can see the vehicle's early progress in a YouTube video here. Driving through back roads, dirt paths, and over water-filled gullies along the side of the road, the contraption captures the wonky charm of Bungie's original M12 Force Application Vehicle that inspired it.

Of course, the big challenge was taking a mutated looking dune buggy and transforming it into the early aughts sci-fi vehicle so many Halo fans have a special attachment to. Bryanthavercamp began with a 1984 Chevy k10 that had been stripped down.

The engine was replaced with a 350 Chevy 4 Bolt Gen 1 v8 with, per CAPNJ1mmy's texts with his Halo buddy, "a stock cam from an 84 Chevy truck with L31 vortec heads with highflow aftermarket intake and 600cfm quickfuel carb" The bodywork meanwhile was entirely custom with the gauge clusters, accessories, and other parts being mostly 3D printed.

The vehicle will allegedly be street legal in the coming weeks. For everyone else that's ever dreamed of going through the local drive-thru in futuristic war armament, well, maybe Halo 6 will be open world.


    I think it looks more like a puma.

      See these two tow hooks...they look like tusks...and what kind of animal has tusks?

        A walrus.

          son, I thought I told you to stop making up animals. So if anyone has anymore Mythical creatures to name the jeep, Im sticking with Warthog....how bout it grif?

      Reference to: Red Vs Blue: Season 1, Episode 2.

    wow thats next level

    You mean a Pumer.

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