Splatoon 2 Fans May Destroy Themselves Fighting Over Mayo Vs Ketchup

Splatoon 2 Fans May Destroy Themselves Fighting Over Mayo Vs Ketchup

Splatoon 2‘s first post-launch Splatfest has a theme, and while the event hasn’t officially begun yet, people are already getting riled up. The lobby has become a battleground, with everyone making a case as to why you should pick one side over the other. Marina, as everyone guessed, is Team Ketchup, while the gremlin squid is repping mayo.

For those who haven’t played Splatoon before, the idea of Splatfest is that players, along with the idols, pick a side, and then defend it on the battlefield. The topic with the most wins and votes takes the whole thing — but no matter what, everyone gets to enjoy the sights and sounds of the timed festival. There is a competitive aspect to Splatfest, but part of why people love it so much is because we get to fight over shit that doesn’t actually matter. We get to vent without things ever actually getting toxic, and it’s genius.

The event officially kicks off next weekend (August 5 2:00PM AEST to August 6 2:00PM AEST), but folks are throwing down however they can. You have a little bit of everything in the lobby, from hyper-realistic images to SpongeBob and stick figures. Behold:












For the record: Team Ketchup all the way. Sure, there’s Marina, but just thinking about a single portion of mayo makes me feel gross, even if it does make some stuff taste better.


  • They maybe destroying themselves now, but imagine if there was a Australia-only Splatfest with Nuttela vs Vegemite?

    Granted, Vegemite easily wins out but the uninitiated will still rage.


    • Vegemite all the way! But I fear that even if Vegemite were to win we could end up fighting amongst ourselves about how much to actually use. I prefer a thick layer, wife prefers a very light scraping and that argument has been going for years now.

      • Thick layer? Check yourself into an institution before you cause more harm to the people around you, you monster.

    • Ketchup is superior to tomato sauce anyway. Tomato sauce has too much sugar and is a bit flatter.

    • If it helps any the word ‘ketchup’ is derived from the Chinese for ‘tomato sauce’ so it’s all the same in the end 🙂

      • Being derived from a word meaning something else doesn’t change the fact that it’s a different product.

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