Splatoon 2 Uses Ketchup And Mayo Ink For Splatfest, And It Looks Gross

Splatoon 2's big event has kicked off in Japan, where players are finding that the game takes the mayo vs ketchup theme all the way. Yes, you will be shooting the warring condiments onto your enemy squids this weekend. Eww.

Here's a whole match, courtesy of Snorth93. Don't say I didn't warn you.

It's sort of surprising Nintendo went there. Ketchup kind of looks like blood, but more importantly, the mayo looks... lets just say, not entirely kid-friendly. Also, just thinking about how much ketchup and mayo is at play here is making my stomach turn. I know it's all in good fun, though.

You'll note this match unfolds on a new stage, Shifty Station. The terrain moves much like it does in the single-player, and the lighting is different, too. The lobby will be transformed for Splatfest as well. Pretty awesome, huh?


    Why is this "story" doing the rounds. And saying the exact same thing about blood/"lets-not-say".

      I played heaps over the last two days and never thought that. People need to calm down a bit.

    So we can predict that all and every single edge-lord is gonna pick mayo and howl "bukkake" atop of their lungs every playing second.

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