Splatoon 2 Gets A Bubble Blower Weapon And A Bunch Of Other Cool Stuff

Splatoon 2's upcoming DLC continues to prove the squid kid franchise has, bar none, the best weapons in the genre. Behold: The Bubble Blower, a new special weapon.

Yes, you will be shooting actual bubbles at your enemies soon — September 2, to be exact — in Splatoon 2:

The Bubble Blower fires up to three big bubbles, which explode once doused in ink. This means you can use the bubbles both offensively and defensively — but the bubbles can also explode in your face if your enemy shoots your projectiles down. While I have no idea how good of a weapon this actually is, the mere idea is up there with paint rollers and literal buckets as weapons. You gotta love Splatoon 2's creativity.

That's not all. Splatoon 2 is getting a steady stream of new content in the upcoming weeks, including a new map. "Manta Maria" is a boat arena that will be available on Saturday, August 26, for both Turf Wars and Ranked play:

Splatoon 2 will also get a new Salmon Run stage, Lost Outpost:

According to the lore, this place used to be inhabited but was lost due to rising sea levels. You'll be able to take down some Salmonoid bosses in the Lost Outpost starting on August 23, though the stage will not appear online until an actual Salmon Run event is scheduled.

Despite the trickle of smaller weapon updates over the last few weeks, I was starting to cool off on Splatoon 2, so the timing of this new stuff is perfect.


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