What Game Have You Played The Most This Year?

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We're not far off from the silly season of video games, but it's been a fairly decent year already. So for this week's Big Question, I'd like to know: what have you played the most out of everything this year?

I've included a GIF of Persona 5 here, because it's probably one of the longest singleplayer games that has come out in recent while. The Yakuza games come to mind as well, of course, although you can probably blast through that a little quicker than Persona.

Some of this year's other big time sinks have been Breath of the Wild, Battlegrounds and Mario Kart 8: Deluxe. I can see hardcore Nintendo fans dropping hundreds of hours into the online tournament modes, although I think more people probably dove into Zelda. Who knows.

Personally, it's a mix between Overwatch and Battlegrounds. I'm sitting at around 130 hours for Battlegrounds, and while I don't have an exact count for Overwatch on console I'm pretty sure it's not far off.

What game have you played the most this year?


    Persona 5. Like the Gif said. 135 hours and I still haven't finished it.

    Toss up between R6Siege and Tarkov, though I have been pushing out too many hours of Pubg (sitting at 18% dinners on AS FPP and 12% OCE 3rd person solos).

    The Witcher 3, easily. And I still haven't finished the DLC..

    Someone needs to confiscate Injustice 2 from me because I cannot stop until I have everything. So many pretty hats.

    Super Smash Bros for Wii U yet again would take it for me. But excluding that, it would be a toss up between Witcher 3 and Breath of the Wild. I haven't finished BOTW yet and I imagine once I do finish with it, I'll be very similar in playtime to Witcher 3, maybe a bit longer.

    Probably Persona 5 because I played it in the insane way I play all those games wherein I beeline to the first possible bad end while maxing my stats and then newgame plus so I actually have a chance of completing every Confidant/Social link. Which I did. So yeah, large time sink, wouldn't play it any other way.

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    Probably about 75hrs total of FFXIV. That was like 3 months ago. I don't think anything else has come that close this year. Now I generally just dabble between a few choice titles.

    I'm about 4 hours into Persona 5 but it's clearly going to be the longest game of the year by the time I get all the trophies. I've also poured a fair bit into Breath of the Wild but not much compared to some people. Sadly ReCore is on the list because I'm looking for hundreds of nearly invisible hardware pickups.

    150 hours of Yo-Kai Watch.
    ~110 hours of Horizon Zero Dawn.
    If you'd asked last year it would have been Overwatch.

    Crusader kings 2. I want to stop..............but I just need to do a little bit more.

    So far, Marvel Puzzle Quest would be the one I've played most of. In terms of hours anyway. Play a little every day. Probably quake champions after that. Patiently awaiting the arrival of Elex in October, at which point I'll probably be completely engrossed in that for a while :)

      MPQ would likely be it for me too. Chuck of time in other time wasters like lost lands and fallout shelter.
      Haven't really lost myself in a game fully this year so numbers are fairly low. Most hours is probably AC:Black flag at around 30 hours

    Where can I buy one of these time plants everyone here seems to have.

    I've logged almost 40 hours into Persona 5 so far, which is the game I've played the most by far. My goal is to finish it this year, but I don't like my chances.

    Now I have a Switch, my commute will get more and more game filled, so I'm expecting Breath of the Wild to be my most played game by the end of the year.

    Nioh. I honestly thought it'd be Destiny, but apparently I've only played 125hrs this year - I think Nioh is sitting around 200hrs.

    I got sucked back into Final Fantasy 14, I think it's at least 200+ hours since the launch of Stormblood. Before that it would have been Vermintide at 100ish hours for the year.

    Probably either Prey or the Witcher 3.
    Prey just sucked me in, it didn't leave my PS4 until I had completed the game.

    Has to be Persona 5 by a mile. I've got BOTW now but i still Donny think that'll hit the same time sink. Disgaea 5 on Switch may get there when i start it.

    75+ Hours of Horizon Zero Dawn to get the Platinum. I'll eventually continue my second playthrough on Ultra hard and I'm sure there'll be easily over 100 hours by years end. Easily takes number 1 spot on my best games of all time list.

    It's between Trauma Center: Under the Knife and Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2. Speedrunning really hampers your ability to play a diverse range of games.

    For yet another year running. Although, I am now running the special edition.

    Breath of the Wild is sitting at about 150 hours at the moment.

    Splatoon 2 is catching up quickly at 110 hours though haha.

    I don't have heaps of time to play games, so not too impressive. The two I have spent the most time with by far this year have been BotW and Persona 5 (neither of which I have finished). Both are sitting at around 90 hours

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