I Have Found Many New Ways To Praise PUBG

One of the 10 million people playing Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds just so happens to be me, and so I am now qualified to assess it in a video. I promise I’m being sincere when I say I consider it “The Game Of The Decade”.

As of spring 2017, anyway. Heck, spring 2017 is practically 2018 and 2018 is practically 2020, so I do say it’s not too early to start talking about “The Game Of The Decade”. What do you all think?

I realise this is going to inspire the question “What were the games of all the other decades?” So I’ll answer that, with my own opinion:

The game of the 1980s was Super Mario Bros.

The game of the 1990s was Doom.

The game of the 2000s was Gears of War.

I’m sure somebody in the comments thinks they want me to defend that last one, though buddy, you probably don’t. The video would be about two hours long, and my exclamations would probably break your headphones.

Don’t forget to watch my video, by the way. If nobody watches it, I am not allowed to have dinner. [Editor’s note: Or any other meals, either.]


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