Big W Will Have Mini SNES Stock On Launch Day

Image: Nintendo

Plenty of people missed out on the initial round of orders for the Mini SNES. So if that's you, and you'd still like to get one on launch day, Big W has got you sorted.

A OzBargain user has got a grab of the latest Big W catalogue, confirming that the retailer will have some stock - how much, nobody knows - in store from Saturday.

Image: OzBargain

Worth remembering that the Mini SNES doesn't come with the USB AC adapter, which, Nintendo advises you'll need. That should be another $20.

If you are hunting around for a Mini SNES this weekend, it's rumoured that Target will have some stock as well but not every store. I've reached out to Target for confirmation on that, however, and I'll post an update if I hear back.


    I pre-ordered, but can't remember where from.. Time to search the emails.

    Why does Kotaku keep pushing the outrageously priced AC adapter instead of mentioning that any old 5V adapter will do (that everyone already likely has extras laying around from old phones)?

      Googling around, you can even plug it into a USB plug on your TV to power it.

        I ran the mini NES off the USB port on my XBone

          Which was plugged in to the usb on your PS4 ?

          Wow I guess the Xbone can be used for gaming after all.

    If it's like the NES Mini at all you won't need the power adaptor, as the USB port on your TV or a phone charger should be enough to power the console.

    So probably silly question, are pre-orders guaranteed?

    I pre-ordered a couple of hours after they went live from EB and I set it for pickup but I have a feeling that they have over sold and I'll miss out until the next shipment.

      I have nothing to base this on, but i'm in the same position as you, and i think we should be pretty fine.

      I also preordered from EB, and I'm reasonably confident they haven't oversold. I'm planning on getting there early on Saturday just to be sure though. Maybe even attempting to convince them to give it to me on Friday.

      I went into my local EB over the weekend to double-check and they confirmed that my SNES will be ready to pick up on Saturday. I figure if you were over whatever stock limit they had they probably would be announcing it soon if not already.

      Did you guys get an e-mail from them recently?

      Slight difference is i'm having mine delivered, but I got one last Tuesday stating that "Your preorder is nearly here", to "ensure your credit card details are up to date" and that "We are preparing your order >orderID< for shipping very soon".

      Not sure if you preorder for pickup if it works in the same way and you pay in advance etc but you may have an e-mail lurking that could put your mind(s) at rest?

      EB recently opened up pre orders again, so if you got in right when it was first announced, you should be fine. I got an email saying my card was about to be charged last week.

      If you are still worried, call up customer service.

    Correction. Big W will have roughly a few per store like they did with the Nes mini..

      For the Nes Mini, some woman was there with her kid and her mother. She got 2 and complained when they would not give one to the 3rd member of their party.

    Considering the difficulties folks have had in getting a pre-order for this thing, I feel extraordinarily lucky that I just happened across an online article (probably Kotaku) on the same morning, and jumped right onto EB Games and put down a deposit without a hitch.

    On a side note, that was 3 damn months ago - A quarter of a year!
    Where the hell did that time go??

      Same here. Called EB. Not yet. Called back 30 min later and they were up in store. Dropped everything and drove to my local one and got my name down.

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