Looks Like Street Date Has Broken On The Mini SNES

Looks Like Street Date Has Broken On The Mini SNES

Image: Twitter (Vooks)

The Mini SNES isn’t scheduled to arrive in people’s mailboxes until Saturday. But that hasn’t stopped one gamer from picking up the mini console from Harvey Norman already, two days before launch.

Aussie Nintendo hub Vooks got a snap of a user picking up a Mini SNES from Harvey Norman earlier today, box and all.

Nintendo have moved pretty promptly on this in the past, so it’s not likely that the floodgates are going to open. Still, there might be a small window where you can grab a console at retail if you have the time/move fast enough.

Good luck! (Or just wait until Saturday, because chances are most people pre-ordered anyway.)


    • It’s also annoying that, of all the Saturdays they could choose, they happened to choose grand final day. That day is busy enough already!

    • Guess I’ll see mine in monday…

      Depending on what state you’re in, potential public holiday Monday.

      I’m in NSW and the earliest I’ll receive my pre-order from JB is Tuesday, but I’m not holding my breath to be honest…

    • I know in the past when Eb has sent me Saturday release games, the box has a “Do not deliver before XX/XX/XXXX” sticker on the front, which is fine when stuf goes to home (Woo for Saturday Delivery in suburbs!) But shitty this time because I foolishly used me default work delivery address 🙁

  • Hey, If I can get one today and not have to wait around for my preorder to come from JB I will. Then sell my preorder when I get it.

  • Just called the JB I have my pre-order & whilst they just got them in stock they haven’t broken street date, nor have any of the other Canberra JBs.

    So looks like HN have done the nasty for a bit of cash or someone screwed up royally by making a mistake.

  • I wonder if I go into EB and put on a sob story that I’m working Saturday and I’m worried that they will onsell my snes, they’ll give me mine early.

    • Nope 🙁

      Local branch hasn’t received theirs yet, as of 3 hours ago. They’re hoping it turns up late today or tomorrow, because they don’t want to deal with the pissed off customers if they don’t.

    • my team used to do this for our regular, well known and trusted customers when I used to work at EB. One of our regulars had to travel for a wedding for a few days, so came in the day before to pick up his copy of GTA IV. whilst EB games ethics suck, their employees do not.

  • I rang EB when I saw this story and they said Saturday for my pre-order. It’s alright, I can wait two more days to (re)play a bunch of games from 20 years ago. Also I just bought Hob on the PS4 and Steam World Dig 2 on Switch, and both are pretty fun, so that’ll keep me occupied. 🙂

    • Yeah man, my colleague and I did the same thing. I called the EB Games store I pre-ordered from, and he called the other EB that he pre-ordered from. They both said the same thing.

      Even if someone breaks release date (like Harvey Norman), EB employees have to wait for official confirmation from their head office before they’re allowed to sell products early.


  • I was told to pick mine up from EB today… I am currently waiting for the store to open. I bet they open and tell me it’s not available yet. Have EB made me take a day off for nothing again?

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