EB’s Selling The Switch For $380 Again [Update: And It’s Gone]

EB’s Selling The Switch For $380 Again [Update: And It’s Gone]

Image: Alex Walker/Kotaku

If you wanted to grab a Switch at one of the cheapest prices possible, and don’t mind grabbing a bundled game afterwards, you can grab one for $380 today.

Update: Well, that didn’t last even an hour. EB has sold out of stock on their Switch. If you don’t mind refurbished models, you can grab a preowned model for $347.35 shipping included.

Thanks to Ryan for letting us know. The original story is below.

The deal is available through EB Games’ eBay page, where you’ll need to use coupon code PICNIC at checkout. That brings the price down from $469 to $380.15, once you include the $4.95 for the cheapest shipping option.

Images: eBay (EB Games)

Adding a couple of games to the list, such as Mario + Rabbids and Mario Kart 8, brings the price to just over $516. That’s not the cheapest offering, but it’s a better value package if you want full price games off the shelf.

Alternatively, you could just grab the Switch at the low price above and dive through the eShop for some indie gems. There’s quite a few, as you’ll see below.

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  • What? $380.15 just to buy a Nintendo Switch from the EB Games eBay page just by putting in the checkout code PICNIC. Well that’s no reason why people should not miss out I mean it’s a very good console just to get the whole set and adding some Nintendo Switch games that total $516 maybe expensive but still a great deal and sometime very soon we’ll be expecting to see some 3D platforming games make a comeback and hopefully get ported onto Nintendo Switch.

  • This originally was the console(both versions – grey and blue and red) and has been heros for $380
    Then they had just the console about a week later.
    The preowned consoles are still a good deal. I grabbed one and its in pretty good condition. Even got a free screen protector from it.
    Has the 12 month EB warranty attached to it though.

    Today is the last day for PICNIC code btw.
    Also a good opportunity to snatch those extra pair of controllers.

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