Here Are The Cheapest Copies Of Nintendo Switch Sports In Australia

Here Are The Cheapest Copies Of Nintendo Switch Sports In Australia
Image: Nintendo
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Announced during a Nintendo Direct back in February, Nintendo Switch Sports is the next-gen instalment of the beloved Wii Sports series. Much like the previous games in the series, Nintendo Switch Sports features a series of sporty minigames, that can be played either solo or with friends.

The games include:

  • Tennis
  • Bowling
  • Chambara (aka swordfighting)
  • Football (or soccer, if you aren’t a fancy lad)
  • Badminton
  • Volleyball

A golf minigame was also announced during the Direct trailer, but it won’t available to play at launch. You can expect it in a free update later this year.

From what we’ve seen, all of the games make use of the Joy-Con’s motion controls, allowing you to replicate your real-world actions in-game. It also looks like most of these games are played by using a single Joy-Con (except football), so you can play some local one-on-one. The games are all playable online too.

Just make sure you’ve attached the wrist straps to your Joy-Cons to avoid any unfortunate accidents.

The release date for Nintendo Switch Sports is set for 29 April in Australia. Here’s everywhere you can pick up the game for cheap.

Where can you get Nintendo Switch Sports for cheap?

nintendo switch sports volleyball
Image: Nintendo

Nintendo Switch Sports is retailing for $69.95 and like most preorders for Switch games, you can save around $11 to $12, depending on where you order it from. The physical edition of the game also includes a leg strap, which you’ll be able to use with the football minigame at a later date.

In terms of the cheapest copies, Nintendo Switch Sports is available for $56 through Nintendo’s online store. However, if you buy the game digitally, you’ll have to source a leg strap separately (if you don’t have one already from Ring Fit Adventure).

If you need a leg strap and would prefer to grab it with the game, Amazon Australia is selling Nintendo Switch Sports for $58, with free shipping included. After that, Dick Smith and Kogan have it for $59, with free shipping if you use the code POSTFREE.

Here’s where you can pick up a copy of Nintendo Switch Sports in Australia:

Nintendo Switch Sports is set to be released on the Nintendo Switch (duh) on 29 April. Let your nana know.

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