Fans Love D.Va's Deathwing-Themed Skin For Heroes Of The Storm

A new skin for D.Va in Heroes of the Storm was revealed over the weekend, and it's themed around World of Warcraft's Deathwing the Destroyer. Fans cannot stop drawing it.

In Overwatch D.Va is depicted as a feminine, cute gamer girl. With her bunny motif and pink mech, she's a decidedly girly character. Seeing her surrounded by fire and brimstone in the official art for her Deathwing skin in Heroes of the Storm is definitely a new look. Her mech is even turned into a ferocious dragon.

She's still a little bit sassy, but D.Va looks like she won't just murder you in a video game, but also in real life. Fans have really taken to this new, demonic-looking D.Va and have been drawing her in this skin nonstop. Not gonna lie, it kinda slays.


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