Good Morning, Here’s Skyrim On The Switch

Good Morning, Here’s Skyrim On The Switch
Image: Kotaku

Earlier this year footage came out of what it was like to play Skyrim on the Switch, at least in handheld mode. And if you were wondering how the game holds up in docked mode, PAX West is here to deliver.

Given the environment, the footage is from the over the shoulder perspective, so it’s not really ideal for seeing how the game holds up frame rate wise or anything like that. But it’s good at least visually to see the game running in the larger mode.

Especially if you’re the kind of Skyrim fan who has already bought the game twice or three times already and you really want to be that person in the Switch trailer.

The docked mode footage is important because Switch games often run at higher resolutions and, occasionally, slightly more smoothly when docked. With games like Skyrim that are more liable to push the hardware to the limit than, say, Snipperclips, it can be useful to see how the game holds up with the Switch running at full blast.

And speaking of which, if you’d like to see how the game runs in handheld mode, here’s a more recent video from a small German YouTuber.

Grey JoyCons just seem right for Skyrim, don’t they?


  • Do we know if MOD’s will appear on this version?

    I’d assume not due to HD space and MOD limitations with Nintendo hard/software .

  • I’ve already done Skyrim to death, but even I’ll admit the thought of Skyrim on the go is a really tempting offer. Wish I traveled more, I could easily see myself playing this on a train or plane. I doubt it’ll have mods of any sort though.

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