Here's Skyrim On The Switch

If you want to see what it's like to relive that trailer, here's some over-the-shoulder footage of Skyrim on the Switch.

A bunch of footage has popped up online this morning, and YouTuber FILIP has a good video showcasing the game's performance from an over-the-shoulder camera. It's a pretty clean feed, although for the most part it just involves running around environments in first and third-person.

Indoor loading times are around 10 seconds, at least in this section of gameplay, while dungeons took about 16 seconds to load. Skyrim on the Switch supports motion controls, although most people will probably play in handheld mode. 30fps seems like the standard here, although there don't seem to be any especially intensive sequences with multiple enemies and dragons.

Who's keen to play Skyrim on the Switch?


    As much as I love Skyrim, I don't think I'll buy it again for the third or forth time.

    I tell myself that now...

    I have it on PC but it's tempting to rebuy it on Switch or PSVR

    I'd probably have more opportunity to play it more often on Switch, but being immersed in a VR version would be really cool (dependent on control schemes)

    Hell, if save games could transfer between both versions I'd be tempted to buy both.

    I love the idea of Skyrim on the go but I've already put plenty of hours into this game. Still, it's great for those who haven't picked it up, and it looks like it runs better than I expected for the Switch!

    Awesome! Now mod it until it crashes!

    This will be awesome for both of the people who haven't already played it to death.

    I played about an hour on 360 so I might pick it up and give it another go.

    You too can play a 7 year old game at a terrible framerate!

    Don't miss the chance. Pre-order NOW!

    Runs VulkanAPI I hear, plus there is a good chance Bethesda will bring Vulkan to FO4 and SKSE, if they do then I'd be pretty happy with them!

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