OK, Raiden’s Super In Injustice 2 Is Pretty Sweet

OK, Raiden’s Super In Injustice 2 Is Pretty Sweet

Gushing over supers feels a bit passe now that we’ve had multiple Mortal Kombat and Injustice sequels. But at the end of the Injustice Pro Series, Netherealm unveiled Raiden as the newest character for Injustice 2, and damn has he got a fine super.

Much like how Raiden plays in the Mortal Kombat series, his Injustice 2 iteration has plenty of aggressive moves and switch ups. The iconic teleport and full-screen torpedo are available as well; it wouldn’t be Raiden without screaming gibberish at some point.

Spot something curious in the video? That’s Raiden’s alternate skin, Black Thunder. His lightning box seems like a real nasty move, but we won’t know until next month precisely how dirty it is. For the record, that means Hellboy won’t show up in Injustice 2 until November.


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