EB’s Flogging The Steam Link Off Again

EB’s Flogging The Steam Link Off Again
Image: Steam

Paying $27 for the opportunity to stream video games from your gaming PC to your living room PC isn’t bad, even if you don’t use it that often.

EB Games have offered this deal a few times already this year, and it’s just as good an offer now as it was back then.

You can grab the Steam Link in-store or online for $27. You don’t even have to use it to stream games – you can stream your desktop in a pinch, which is handy if you would prefer to stream movies at a higher quality than what your TV’s in-built apps would allow.

But most people have a pretty decent Steam catalogue, and with the Steam sales set to kick off real soon, having a Link around can be handy. Here’s some advice for getting the most out of Valve’s streaming box:

Use a wired connection, if you can. This will cut down on any input lag if you want to play faster paced games or anything that needs a high degree of precision. Slower paced games with the family, like Telltale’s catalogue or Life is Strange, should be fine on wireless though.

Grab a spare USB hub. This’ll come in handy so you can always have a mouse and keyboard plugged in (wired or wireless). Steam games can crash sometimes, and it helps to have a fallback.

Plugging a wireless Xbox adapater into the Steam Link works real well. If it’s the older Windows 10 adapter, you can run up to 4 Xbox controllers off the one adapter. The latest models will support up to 8 controllers.


  • Samsung TV’s also do this via the app now. I’m sure it wont be long till these devices are completely unnecessary

  • I got one of these when they first came out. It works really well with my setup.
    I didn’t know there were other ways to do it, but I probably would have got this anyway.

    One of my favorite tricks with this device is to mirror my HTC Vive display so people can see what’s going on a bit better. I don’t know what it does different but mirroring it on the Steam Link looks heaps better than anything I can get my PC to display and it doesn’t seem to affect performance.

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