Here’s Cuphead On A Black & White TV

Here’s Cuphead On A Black & White TV

Given that Cuphead is styled after cartoons from the 1920’s, it makes sense to see what the game would look like on an ancient screen. A black and white CRT screen, to be exact.

The game was broadcast to the 1984 TV through an HDMI to RF converter, which takes a little bit of patience. But it’s worth it for the unusual experience, even if games like Cuphead lose a bit of visibility on the edges because they’re designed for widescreens.

The cutscenes look pretty good, and it’s only in certain scenes or instances where text boxes and characters don’t quite fit on the whole screen. But it works for the most part, and it’d be entirely possible (although not ideal) to finish Cuphead this way.

Now I’m starting to wonder: how would the Mini SNES look on a black and white CRT TV? It’s just a simple HDMI connection, and you can play all the games in 4:3 mode.


  • I knew a guy who bought a PS3 for his nephews for Christmas one year. They weren’t allowed to use it on the main family TV, so they ended up having to play it on an old black and white TV in their room. This was pretty much their whole gaming experience.

  • This looks cool – but to be a pain in the ass – wouldn’t it make more sense to project it in black and white? TVs are “new technology” compared to the referenced 1920s time period.

    I know I’m missing the point, but as an animation buff, I can’t help myself. It’s like playing the Beatles on a cassette tape.

    (Please don’t hate me)

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