Here's One Of The Weirder Looking Games On The Switch

Due out later this year, Membrane is a puzzler. Inside someone's head? There's a lot of brains.

Available only on the Switch this summer (although the official press kit also says Q1 2018), Membrane looks like a cross between a physics puzzler and an acid trip. It's the debut game from Seth S. Scott and Perfect Hat.

"The game drops players into a curated sandbox which takes the visual form of a day-glo colored human body interior," the official page says.

The official page also has a video on the game's design goals, which also outlines the player's two tools for solving puzzles: red bricks and shards. It's a much more straightforward explanation of how the game handles, too.

Looks neat. Also, it's a further sign of the Switch having a massive amount of support from indie devs; only six months ago people weren't sure whether the Switch would have enough third-party games on the eShop. How times change.


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