People Are Speedrunning The Super Mario Odyssey Store Demos

People Are Speedrunning The Super Mario Odyssey Store Demos

Super Mario Odyssey comes out in two weeks. Some players are so eager to race through the game that they have started recording ‘speedruns’ at demo kiosks in department stores.

Demo speedruns are mostly a chance to experiment with the game’s movement mechanics. Mario has some pretty great jumps in Odyssey and the ability to possess different objects opens ups interesting ways to explore space.

Possessing a Bullet Bill launches Mario across gaps while small hops can maintain Mario’s speed after rolling. Another run of the demo rushes to find as many collectables as possible. It’s silly but shows just how important routing paths through levels will be, especially for larger categories.

None of this is as serious as the initial routing of Breath of the Wild, where some runners had early copies of the game, but it’s still a fun look at how the game might look when Mario paces himself a bit more like Sonic the Hedgehog. 


  • I will never understand speedrunning. I prefer to be engaged in my games, not push through it as fast as possible just to see if it can be done.

    • Yeah sure, the first time you play.

      But then you want to see how fast you can go.

      Speedrunning is how we got value out of our $100 games back in the day.

    • Sure, the justification usually is to see if it can be done, but the funny thing is speedrunners usually have significantly more time spent on the game and they relentlessly explore everything, not just maps, but behaviours , patterns and systems to do what they do.

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