Popular Battlegrounds Streamer Cries After Fan Says He Loves Him

PUBG streamer Dr Disrespect found himself playing alongside a fan who didn't realise he was the real thing, and decided to have some fun. "What do you think of the guy?" he asked the fan. "I just love him," the fan replied. Doc baited him a little more: "He can get on my nerves."

But the fan was unshaken: "Not me. I love him." This caused Dr Disrespect to get up and walk away from the game in tears. It was a Very Nice Moment.


    What he doesn't know is that the fan is tracking his player location through his streams to shoot him.

      Sob sniping. The smell of the salt from his tears gives him away everytime.

    going by all the twitch highlights ive seen from this guy, he seems either supremely passionate and emotional or batshit insane and unstable

      Its a character he plays where he is intentionally obnoxious.

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