It's no surprise that yesterday's ScribbleTaku showcased Trauma Centre, from our resident Trauma Centre speedrunner Adam. I'm pretty sure it was the sequel, if we're being precise.

Anyway, new day, new game. Let's go.

Good luck!


    Super Mario 3D Land

    If we're being precise, then @falkirion001 was exactly right yesterday. It was the amino acid chain puzzle from Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2.

      Love that series. It leapt out at me immediately.

      Shame we never got Trauma team on the Wii. It's the only one I haven't beaten

    I never really took to the Wii games. Got a little too used to the DS controls and playing Second Opinion felt weird. Eventually I'll play through New Blood. It's unlikely I'll ever touch Trauma Team. Did you know you unlock fast text after beating the game the first time? Blegh.

    Anyhow, you should think about jumping on the Trauma Center discord. We mostly focus on speedrunning the games but everyone is welcome.

    Fair warning, complaining about how poorly Atlus handled the series is pretty much the first thing everyone does.

      Well, that's embarassing. Reply fail.


        All good. I'm too much of a perfectionist so I can't speedrun any TC games. Obsessed with getting XS rank on everything. Which I've managed for all the Wii missions except one of the X ops in New Blood.

        Also my god NB killed me when I picked it up. Difficulty spiked hard compared to SO

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