Surface Book 2: Australian Pricing And Release Date

If you liked the Surface Book, but would prefer a device with more power and a discrete GPU, then the Surface Book 2 might fit the bill. Here's how much it'll cost you to get one.

Announced earlier this morning among a slew of announcements, the Surface Book 2 is the refresh of Microsoft's 2-in-1 laptop with more power for applications like Photoshop and Premiere Pro, with enough gaming grunt to power modern games on lower settings.

The lowest spec model of the Surface Book 2 still uses integrated graphics, but as you go up the line more models will have the latest generation Intel i5 and i7 CPUs, as well as discrete NVIDIA GTX 1050 and GTX 1060 GPUs.

The Surface Book refresh will come in two main variants: a 13.5" model and a 15" model. Only the 13.5" variations will be available locally from launch, all of which you can pre-order from November 9.

The 15" models will have options for GTX 1060 GPUs as well, whereas the 13.5" models will only have the smaller 2GB versions.

Here's what will go on sale from November 9:

Image: Microsoft

13.5" Surface Book 2 w/Intel i5-7300U CPU, HD 620 integrated graphics, 8GB RAM, 256GB HDD: $2199
13.5" Surface Book 2 w/Intel i7-8650U CPU, 2GB GTX 1050 GPU, 8GB RAM, 256GB HDD: $2999
13.5" Surface Book 2 w/Intel i7-8650U CPU, 2GB GTX 1050 GPU, 16GB RAM, 512GB HDD: $3799
13.5" Surface Book 2 w/Intel i7-8650U CPU, 2GB GTX 1050 GPU, 16GB RAM, 1TB HDD: $4499

All options will be available through the Microsoft website.

No word on when devices will start shipping locally, but as soon as Microsoft passed word on we'll let you know.


    Wow! They're cheap! I'll buy one for me and a couple for my parents.

    My goodness. If those are the prices for the 13 inch, I won't have enough kidneys for the 15 inch.

    Very sexy kit but the premium of portability is ridiculous. I did a new build this year built around at 1080ti at a price closer to the $2199 model than the $4499. Well I guess I can't lug my case around with me but fark!

    They aren't selling the 15-inch version in Australia??

        I'm basing my comment off that page and there is no mention of the 15-inch version..

          I think "helpful person" is an idiot, or a troll. Certainly not helpful... though probably a person.

          There's currently (28th October 2017) no mention of the 15-inch version on the en-au website, which they've linked us to. It's weird, they tell you to view the link, but they seem not to have viewed it themselves - hence why I say idiot... or troll.

          So in the end - no 15-inch for Australians... or not yet anyway. Maybe eventually... although my experience tells me we'll never officially get it here - Asus, Acer, Gigabyte and others have shown me in the last few years that there's no guarantee that the products they make available in the US and the EU will be made available in Australia.

          I think Microsoft will go the same way - buy the 13-inch because, if you ask me, the 15-inch (with the 1060) will never arrive in Australia.

          The page / link I refer to:

      Yeah I can't find the specs/pricing for the 15"

        It weird huh, Personally I am going to hold out for the 15inch prices and tablets. another 13inch tablet just doesnt interest me.

        Anyone seen the HP ZBOOK x2? some crazy specs!

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