Who Would You Put On A PAX Panel?

One of the fun elements of PAX is that it's as much about the panels as it is the games. So if you could select a group of panel to give a talk about something, who would you choose?

When I have the chance to check out panels at PAX, or other shows, I tend to gravitate towards things I have no background in whatsoever, or things that I have an especially deep affection for.

For instance, I went to a panel last year about audio. I can't make music for crap, and the discourse around music isn't as advanced in games writing as, say, mechanics. Or level design.

But the nitty gritty is always fun to hear about, so having chief artists, programmers and coders up on stage is always fun. Carmack's keynote speeches are always pretty fascinating.

A panel I'd like to see one day at PAX would be some of the coders on Breath of the Wild, or first-party Nintendo devs on working on the Switch and what the early stages of its lifecycle were like.

So if you could put anyone on a PAX panel, who would it be?


    I'd be interested in seeing an old guard vs new debate style panel where the pros and cons of tech advancements affecting design are dissected and how they feel about the shifting focus from product to market goods.



    ...hm hm hm hm hm, hahahahahahahaha, AAAAH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!

    Anyone whose background and life experience is vastly different from my own.

    Means anyone that is not straight, white cis-male. We've had enough to say, time to do some listening.

      I agree with most of this sentiment, variety is the spice of life and a diverse range of cultures, opinions and ideas is wonderfully enriching. Something I really enjoy about PAX. That said, it's profoundly naive to suggest that everyone must have had the same boring background or life experience you may have had based on their gender, identity or (worse) the colour of their skin. (It's also incredibly patronising to suggest that one of these cosmetic aspects necessarily flavours someone's personality in such a way)

        Of course there will be outliers within the bell curve of straight, white cis-male. If an individual that fits that very broad category has a story vastly different to that of every other straight white cis-male, by all means, give them a platform.

        They're going to have an easier time getting that platform though by the providence of their appearance and advantage that comes with it, and it was to that I was speaking.

    My psychologist does talks on gaming and mental health, he would be outstanding there

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