You Can Play Sea Of Thieves On A Real Tallship At PAX Aus

You Can Play Sea Of Thieves On A Real Tallship At PAX Aus

Microsoft has brought its multiplayer pirate game down to PAX this year but you won’t find it on the show floor. Instead, the demos are housed in the Polly Woodside — the actual tallship bobbing in the river next to the Melbourne Convention Center. If you want to get your hands on Sea Of Thieves, you’ll have to head belowdecks…

I’m a sucker for novelty and this whole thing is nothing but novelty. Last I checked the demo wasn’t common knowledge — but because they’re giving everyone a fairly chunky half hour of play, once the line grows a little it’ll be a long, long wait. Get in quick (or, if you’re coming back over the weekend, early).

Each session caters to 12 people (I think), split into three four-person teams. You’ll be playing in the same world as everyone else in the demo, however, so be prepared for an all-out naval battle if you run into anyone.


  • Watched a gameplay video, was like 25 minutes work to pull 220 coins to split with the team, like GTAO payouts all over again.

  • HAHAHAHhaha that is piss funny, they used to hire the Pollywoodside our to colleges when I was at Uni. Best oweek party location. I did my first beer bong skol and Muster have spewed on that boat at least half a dozen times.

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