What’s On The Floor At PAX Australia This Year?

What’s On The Floor At PAX Australia This Year?
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PAX Australia always has weird timing when it comes to AAA games — most of the big ones are either already out (two were released today, in fact) or not coming until sometime next year. You never know what the big companies are going to bring down to the Aussie expo, and in what form. Here’s what you’ll find on the show floor this year.


A decent chunk of the PlayStation booth is dedicated to the PS4 Pro, and a handful of demos showing off the console’s specs. The two big games Sony has brought this year are Detroit: Become Human and Dad Of War (I mean… God Of War 4). The Detroit demo is pretty meaty — you get to play through the ‘hostage’ scene featured prominently in the game’s marketing so far.

While I didn’t line up for God Of War 4, it also looked to be a playable demo. Last year I attempted to guess how long queues would be over the weekend but let’s face it — it’s PAX. They’re going to be very long.

Sony also has a small bank of consoles running a 15-minute demo of Monster Hunter World, as well as a row of PSVR headsets loaded up with Skyrim in VR.


Microsoft’s main booth is fairly conservative this year — there’s a bunch of consoles lined up with various demos, though not many big names. Interestingly Microsoft had a little table running games of Age of Empires Definitive Edition, which is already out but may be worth checking out if you’re on the fence about it.

Microsoft’s big game this year is Sea Of Thieves — which is playable, but not on the con floor. You’ll actually have to go out to the Polly Woodside (you know, the big ship outside the convention centre) to get your hands on a half-hour demo of Sea Of Thieves.


Nintendo’s big game at the moment is Super Mario Odyssey — which released today, so you might be better off just bringing your own Switch and stopping by a game store on the way. The other big game at Nintendo’s booth this year is Skyrim on the Switch. Yes that’s right — Skyrim, a 6 year old game, is playable in two new and different forms at PAX this year. Yay?

Interestingly Nintendo also has a good handful of indies and third party games to check out on the Switch this year!


Ubisoft’s main game on display this year is Far Cry 5, which is coming out in February. They’ve got a few rows of playable demos set up in their booth.

You can also check out The Crew 2, and Assassin’s Creed: Origins, which also released today. If you haven’t got around to playing it yet, there’s also The Fractured But Whole on show again.


Lenovo has brought the VR Star Wars Jedi Challenges down to PAX this year — a series of Star Wars based mini games using Lenovo’s smartphone-augmented VR system and a custom lightsaber controller.

Square Enix

Square Enix has a booth that appears to be mostly dedicated to Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood. I’m not a Final Fantasy person so I can’t say if there’s anything particularly new or exciting here!

Everything Else

There’s a lot of Destiny 2 on the floor this year thanks to various hardware manufacturers, as well as a couple of various VR experiences.

As always the indie pavilion is expansive — and this year’s showing is particularly strong. The whole row is definitely worth a wander. Check out the Indie Showcase winners for 2017 here.

This guide isn’t exhaustive, but captures most of the big games on show this year. Played something cool at PAX? Tell us about it in the comments!


  • Any life like androids roaming around for Detroit Become Human? Lol

    I’m hoping to hear good impressions from Skyrim VR seeing as its only a few weeks away now!!!

      • That’s why I’m looking to hear good things this time around!!! The solus project in VR has managed to get a lot of people onside for movement with dual move controllers so hopefully theyve done some enhancements!

        Personally i couldnt play Solus but then they removed snap turning and allowed smooth motion and it became ok to control again!

  • While I didn’t line up for God Of War 4, it also looked to be a playable demo. Unless I lined up in the wrong queue, it’s just a 15? minute video. Line was also pretty short as they cram like 15 people per session. ALSO free poster for those interested (so bring a rubber band).

    You can also check out The Crew 2, and Assassin’s Creed: Origins, Don’t bother with Assassin’s creed unless you’re desperate, it’s an Alpha build with a ton of bugs :/ Just a tip to save time for other games, it’s a let down (mostly because it’s actually out and the Alpha is a terrible experience, or mine was)

    Square Enix has a booth that appears to be mostly dedicated to Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood. You can pick up a free trial (free to play to lvl 35) demo disc there also (yes, an actual disc included) and some had discounts for the game only during pax (but it’s just a basic url, so you won’t miss out if you don’t get it with your disc)

    • Yeah God of War was just the E3 trailer with a dev talking over the top of it giving a more detailed look at it – which wouldn’t be such a bad idea except it was almost impossible to hear most of it.

  • Some other things:
    The Playstation booth also had Monster Hunter World – I tried it and I continue to not understand what my friends love in the series. They seemed to enjoy the demo though.

    Bamco had a small booth with Ni No Kuni, Dragon Ball Fighterz (I think it might be an older build as I’m sure I saw more characters in videos of the beta but I still loved it) and a third game that I can’t remember.

    Nintendo also had a non-time-limited version of that new Sonic Forces Switch demo. Personally… I think I’ll stick to Sonic Mania. A bit disappointing, I was hoping for Generations 2 but Forces just feels cheap

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