Betrayal Legacy Announced For Next Year

Betrayal Legacy Announced For Next Year
Image: Avalon Hill Games

Rob Daviau made a name for himself in the board gaming world with Risk Legacy. Since then, he’s had a hand in the wildly successful Pandemic Legacy and a handful of other legacy games. These ‘legacy’ games feature on-going campaigns where players make permanent changes to the game as they play them, telling an emergent story.

Wizards of the Coast have just announced that Daviau has been working on Betrayal: Legacy, which adds the legacy gameplay mechanics to Betrayal At The House On The Hill

Betrayal At The House On The Hill is a chaotic story-telling game where a group of intrepid idiots stumbling through an abandoned mansion until they trigger a haunt. These haunts —
and many other game elements — riff heavily on horror B-movie plots.

This weekend at PAX Unplugged, Wizards of the Coast announced that they will be releasing Betrayal: Legacy in Spring 2018.

Daviau worked on the original Betrayal and has spent the last year working on revamping the game to incorporate legacy mechanics.

Betrayal: Legacy‘s story will unfold over 13 chapters (and a prologue) as players control families that go back to the house on the hill time and time again. The family members will collect tools that become family heirlooms, granting bonuses when used.

Hopefully this leads to some Castlevania-esque madness where the Smith family is running around fighting monsters with a sacred bucket.

Once the campaign is over, players will be left with a unique copy of Betrayal for them to play.

Betrayal: Legacy is scheduled for release in Spring 2018.



  • This should be interesting. My board game group recently finished up Seafall and we all thoroughly enjoyed the legacy aspects of it. Will have to keep an eye out for this next year.

    • If you’re looking for something to tide you over in the meantime, Pandemic Legacy Season 2 has just come out and is quite good, although I’m only one game in to my group’s campaign.

      Charterstone, a legacy worker placement game, is also due out this month and looks really good. It’s made by the same people that made Scythe.

      • Ditto on the Pandemic Legacy Season 2. Charterstone looks beautiful, but worker placement and legacy is a weird combination and from what I’ve seen, doesn’t feel as thematically strong as Pandemic, which is still king in my book.

        • Charterstone doesn’t look like it’ll take advantage of the story-telling aspects of legacy games.

          Instead, it’s a worker placement that will grow in weight as the campaign goes on. Starts off with a relatively simple set of options and then builds from that base.

          It’s the sort of thing that really appeals to me and is different way to tackle legacy mechanics,.

  • Interesting. I guess it’ll mean a more structured narrative rather than the randomised win conditions for good guys and bad guys. That should solve the Betrayal’s biggest problem of having game quality vary wildly based on the combination that pops up.

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