Have You Upgraded To A 4K TV Yet?

Next week we'll see what is likely to be the last piece of the puzzle for this console generation: the Xbox One X. And the big drawcard around that, and the PS4 Pro as well, is its compatibility with a 4K TV.

But do you actually own a 4K TV yet?

It's interesting to know who has and hasn't upgraded their main screen yet. Personally, I've just gone through a computer upgrade, so I don't have a 4K panel at home. (There are 4K screens in the office, mind you, and I am a big fan of the end-of-life Sony panel that I got for $1400 a couple of years back.)

But in the next year or so I can see myself upgrading at least one screen at home. Possibly two, since Tegan and I have one in the living room and one in the bedroom. Mind you, I'm probably more likely to upgrade one of my screens into a 4K panel first.

This question is about TV's only, mind you. So tell us, dammit. Have you upgraded to a 4K TV yet?


    Yep. When I moved into my appartment I picked up a pair of 4K TVs. I don't have them on the PC but I'm reaching the point where I think I'm just going to downgrade to a Surface and get rid of my PC.

    I picked up a 4k tv for the ps pro. Gaming is what I do so I it was worth it.

    I love my tv. It's the LG UH7700 and it works pretty good. At the time I was really wanting one of those Samsungs, but those were more expensive. Otherwise a Vizio, but those were hard to find at the time. This does the job pretty good.

      Separate post because it's important.

      Anyone looking to buy a new 4k tv should check this site out because it's amazing:


      The fact they test for input lag makes it invaluable to gamers, and the reviews are comprehensive and easy to read.

    Yep, 4K is lovely, wish I had waited a little bit longer and picked up a proper 10bit panel rather than the Faux K 8 bit I have, looks great with non HDR content at least but will upgrade sooner rather than later to something else.

    I have a 4k Samsung HU8500 with Evolution Kit but looking to get another cheaper 4K TV for spare room and strictly gaming. Have been eyeing up the TCL C2US and Hisense N7 has anyone had much experience with either of these?

      I've got an N7 50". CRC support is a bit touchy, but I've mostly been able to program my Harmony remote to work with Kodi (still have issues with the colour buttons).

      The TV itself is great once you change the factory settings to suit. This thing could burn your eyes out. It can get super bright. But the beauty is you can customise the display settings per input. So I have bright, crisp, high contrast for my Netflix, super sharp and clear for the Xbox, and higher noise reduction for my.... umm... "Linux Distros"(?). Upscaling is pretty amazing too. native apps for YouTube and Netflix are FAST, but there is quite a bit of fluff apps on there as well.

      One major issue. There is a known bug HiSense doesn't seem to care about. Screencast from Windows10 does not work.

      Just be aware unless you wall mount, you will need a fairly big space to put it on due to the feet configuration. It is also much heavier than I was expecting.

      You should be able to pick one up for about $1100

        I’ve been eyeing up the 50” also, it will be strictly used for gaming nothing else I have smart TVs in the lounge and bedroom, this is purely for gaming and I’ll be using headphones so sound quality doesn’t bother me too much. How is the input lag? I’ve read some Hisense TVs the HDR can be a bit odd like only works via USB source or it’s like a colour setting not proper HDR where my Samsung auto detects HDR content running on the Xbox.

          Hard for me to comment on lag, but nothing I have noticed. Not really a shooter / online type person, so it's not huge, but you can optimise the display specifically for gaming, and I remember that first time I set up the Xbox.

          But it is definitely true HDR for Netflix at least. I don't have an external sources that do 4k HDR, but when Netflix plays a 4k HDR show (Star Trek Discovery is sooooo pretty, and MindHunters looked fantastic) and you go in to change display settings, it is all different options specific for the HDR input. Play something not HDR and the options change, so there is definitely some real time detection going on.

          Bang for buck, I think it's the best screen going at the moment. Even the wifey is is impressed, and she thought she wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

          Now sound is a different story. To be honest I couldn't tell you how it sounds. I've had a Kogan soundbar hooked up by SPDIF optical since it was set up.

            Ok thanks man, I’ve found the N755” which apparently uses a Samsung panel from the goodguys with 20% off for $1030 so I might pick that up this weekend.

        How wide are the feet? Thinking of going for the 55” but my drawers/desk is only 1010mm wide.

          Wide. I think my 50" would struggle to fit on that. Check on their site. has the specs and feet distance in the dimensions.

            I got the 55” in the end for $1030 with eBay code there about 10mm each side left on the desk, loving it so far took me a while to figure out HDR though.

    Yep, just moved into my new house with a purpose built media/theatre room. Already had the PS4 Pro and about to upgrade the One to a One X - 4K was a must. So I got one of these:

    Samsung UA75MU6100WXXY - took a while to figure out how to enable HDR but once it was all working - brilliant.

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    I have a 4k TV, but only because I moved into a new place with more room about a year ago and needed a TV. TVs tend to be pretty long-term purchases so I'm guessing a lot of people won't be ready yet because their existing devices work just fine.

    4K Netflix is pretty amazing. Also Planet Earth II from the BBC in 4k is possibly the most stunning nature experience you'll ever have!

    They’re still on the wrong side of expensive for me, and my 3 year old TV does the job just fine.
    Probably looking to upgrade in a year or so.

      I get expensive is subjective, but I bought my 55" 4K Bravia last year for $1100. It's incredible.

    Yep, Replaced my 10+yr old LED for a 4K Sony about 2 months ago. Made sense to upgrade to 4K as the price difference was slim or non-existent

    Yes, buying another soon as my 4k panel is about to go in my table top gaming table.

    Have a 4K 27" monitor, but waiting for 4K projectors to come down in price.
    I can't watch a TV anymore, even 75" screens look tiny, so I'm sticking with my HD projector until I can justify the upgrade to 4K.

    Nope, my 10yo 42" Bravia's still going strong, and I only use it for console gaming, so no benefit to upgrading yet without upgrading the PS4 as well, meaning a minimum $1500 spend that I'd rather save for my next gaming PC. I'll look into it if my Bravia kicks the bucket, at which point I'll consider upgrading to a Pro as well, but until then, I see no reason to upgrade.

      We must have TVs of a similar series. I've still got a 40" Bravia from around 2008, and the bastard just will not die. I like new shiny toys, but I can't justify a new set while I still have a working one :D

        Yep, would've got mine around 2008, too picked it up for $800 new after my old CRT died. I also like shiny new things, but I'm certainly not complaining that it's lasted this long. Hopefully it'll keep going until 4k TVs drop to more reasonable prices... another 42" Sony for $7-800 would be really nice... :P

          Actually, it looks like we've already hit that point... the 43" X7000E is going for $795. Good to know that I'll definitely have options when the Bravia dies, then.

    We got a 4K TV just to play Horizon on, and it's amazing.

    Only weird thing is it makes the Switch look very slightly yellow and I haven't figured out why yet.

    Honesty time, my TV is still 1080i. I honestly can't see when I'll update. Due to not having a HDTV until 2010(ish), I try to only update TVs once a decade, that way I get more bang for my buck, and the difference is much more stark.

    The display TVs in JB HiFi are starting to look pretty good, though...

      Mines 1080p (/flex), but I'm basically the same. I jumped on board when 3D teles were a thing, mostly because if it had 3D, it had all the features I was really looking for - 3 HDMI, 2 USB, etc. But like you I try to upgrade around every 10 years, so haven't really been tempted by anything since.

      Am starting to upgrade to smarthome stuff in the new year though, and I think a new tele will be needed as a central part of that. And an XBOX. After all, I'll need a 4K disc player so may as well get an Xbox One X.

      So, 4K tele, here I come.

    Nope and probably won't for many years yet. It's not like going from CRT to HD so I just don't see any reason to upgrade yet. While I like good looking game visuals they are nowhere near as important as a good story and engaging gameplay.

      I'm in the same boat, there's just so little reason to upgrade.

      I've got a 5 year old 46" Bravia. It's 1080p, has ethernet and clients for netflix, iview and youtube as well as DLNA. I game on it with a PS4.

      I don't feel like 4K is going to improve my watching/playing experience enough to warrant the investment.

    its good console players are getting that sweet 4k option, ive had mine for 3 years and use it often

    I picked up a 720p samsung when i bought my launch x360. A few years ago the power supply died but i replaced it for 60 bucks.

    The TV resets itself every day at 10:05am. It has always suffered a weird artefacting when displaying dark stripes. None of the picture setting save, so i always have to change it to "just scan" when i turn it on.

    We actually had a look at new TVs a few months ago, and the OLEDs made my privates tingle, but a new TV is always going to come second to more pressing priorities until it finally explodes.

    My PC monitor is in the same boat. You wouldn't believe how crap it is, but it's still working...

    I bought a LG OLED C7 from this year about 2 weeks ago and I'm massively disappointed. Sure the 4k - when supported properly - looks very good, but, all my 1080p Shadowplay gameplay recordings look horrible.

    1080p dowloaded media looks just as muddy and awful.

    Tennis steaming at I'm not sure but could be 1080, maybe 720, looks really bad.

    And obviously my DVD collection looks understandably worse, but that doesn't bother me much because it looks bad anyway on my previous 5 year old Samsung 1080p LCD screen.

    Most of my media is through a $4000 PC bought 6 months ago, and most of my 1080p media looks horrible. (GTX 1080, i7-7700k, Win 10, 16GB ram)

    Games look good, Rest garbage. Expect for a few Blu-rays.

      Silly Question, but I assume you have calibrated the panel?

        Good question. Yes I did calibrate. Went through presets, adjusted a few settings to my preference, turned off ECO mode and a few others that were recommended by LG themselves.

        Just got off the phone to the retailer I bought it from and their sending out an LG technician. Not sure their upscaling is up to scratch. But I'll confirm later.

        For some gaming stuff in 4k and HDR it looks very good, the rest of my media at lower resolutions, not so much.

      Sadly you've hit the nail on the head. A 4k screen with nothing that really takes advantage of it, only makes all your older media look like garbage. There's limits to what up-scaling can pull off. I'm going to be holding onto my 1080p TV till the thing blows up. I figure by then the media production would have caught up with the display tech.

      I had the same thinking when I bought my 1440p Gsync monitor. Sure, it's not 4k, but the video hardware to succesfully drive 144fps at 4k hasn't even been invented yet. In the mean time, you've got to slug along turn things down to get a decent 60fps? Nah. I'll wait.

    I'm running a full HD Bravia that we bought a few years ago and it's great. I don't really have a use case for 4K yet as HD is still beautiful. I have a switch and so won't be after 4K for awhile. Happy with what he have for now. When I do upgrade, hopefully they'll be a bit cheaper and HDR will also be a requirement.

    I grabbed the LG 55EF950T earlier this year for a good price and have been very happy. The 4K for games and movies is stunning. American Gods was incredible and the PSPro is delicious. I'm tweaking a few of the settings, in particular Smooth Motion after James Gunn's (justified) rant and it looks even better.
    The reason I went LG is the BLACKS. Oh so black.

    Moved 6 year old Samsung 46" into my study/library/gaming/comic room, put 55" 4K HDR in the lounge. Launch PS4 went to the back room, PS4 Pro in the lounge and I've ordered a wall mount to stick the PS4 Pro up neatly (as the in wall cabling to the media cabinet is 10 metres of HDMI 1.4 so PS4 needs to be near the telly and the wife hates this, bugger...).

    My 2013(ish) vintage Samsung 50" is still going strong. Probably wont upgrade until we move next. It will probably be one of the new Samsung Series 9s. Those things look amazing and by the time I'm ready to buy the price will have dropped to a more palatable amount.

    I have a 60" LG 4K in the lounge room for my XBox1, Foxtel IQ3 and PS3, and a 55" Samsung 4K in my family room for my PC, PS4 and IQ3.

    Very happy with them - though my XBox1 isn't playing my 4K blurays at present for some reason.

    A year into a 60" Samsung KS8005 SUHD coupled with the PS4 Pro. Good times.

    I also only have a 46" FHD Bravia - mind you I run everything through my amplifier into the TV up-scaled to 1080p. If i was going down the path of 4K i'd need to ensure i purchased another amplifier capable of doing the same thing. Money is useful for other things right now though.. like a holiday to Cape York and a new car.

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