How Weta Workshop Brought Blade Runner 2049 To Life

Having a job at Weta Workshop must be the actual best.

The New Zealand production studio creates all sorts of effects, CGI, prosthetics and animatronics. They worked on Blade Runner 2049 as well, and one of the things they created were some incredibly realistic miniature sets to help with the film's cinematography.

In a video on their official YouTube channel, Weta staffers and Alex Funke talked through how they used miniatures to recreate L.A.P.D and Los Angeles.

For the surrounding Los Angeles buildings, Weta created around 37 detailed buildings, each taking around a week to create. Designs would be created for the models first, and then they would be printed and handed out to the model makers, who would get to work on adding fine detail, paint, graffiti, and that weathered look to make the buildings look realistic.

You can see the full video below, which includes discussion and visuals of how Weta set up the actual camera shots, as well as the miniatures themselves.


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