EA Boosts Star Wars Battlefront 2’s Multiplayer Rewards

EA Boosts Star Wars Battlefront 2’s Multiplayer Rewards

Star Wars Battlefront 2 has received negative feedback ever since it was confirmed that its loot crates provided in-game advantages. Since then, the game has disabled the ability to purchase crates with real money. Now, players will also receive more in-game rewards.

Battlefront 2 uses credits to unlock characters and purchase loot boxes that grant ability-augmenting “star cards”. Those crates also give crafting materials to upgrade cards. It’s a somewhat grindy system that leaves a lot to be desired. A new blog post from EA outlines three changes to the game’s economy and progress that should help players get the necessary materials for getting new heroes and power ups.

The biggest change increases the number of credits earned after multiplayer matches. YouTube channel BattlefrontUpdates did a quick test of the update and found that their reward following a match was slightly over 600 credits – before this change, a competent player could expect roughly half that amount. Another change will allow players in the offline arcade mode to get up to 1500 credits per day instead of 500. The mode initially drew criticism for severely limiting how much players could earn compared to those playing online.

EA Boosts Star Wars Battlefront 2’s Multiplayer RewardsSource: YouTube

Source: YouTube

The final change affects how many crafting parts are received through daily crates. Players receive a free loot crate each day that gives a small sum of credits and crafting parts used for upgrading star cards. The original rewards were a measly five credits, but players on social media are now reporting an increase to 15 parts per crate. The grind isn’t completely removed – major upgrades for star cards take hundreds of crafting parts – but this change should help players get the abilities they want slightly faster.

EA has continually altered Battlefront 2‘s economy and rewards. After a wave of negative criticism, they reduced how much hero characters cost to unlock and temporarily disabled the ability to buy loot crates with real money. These changes are another step towards a better experience, even though I really just wish they’d fire the Death Star at the entire progression system.


      • …and galactic conquest
        …and all maps/planets available in custom arcade

        You know so the kids can play each other in a friendly offline environment instead of getting frustrated playing; run, shoot, die.

        So far apart from the campaign this game has nothing for the offline player and much less than SWBF1, none of the previews or the website indicates that the offline maps and modes are about 10% of what is available on the disc.

  • Star cards are fine. They add customisation and something to work towards. I’ve never been killed due to a discrepancy in star card power.

    Good changes to the economy, I’ve felt so far it’s been a decent time investment per upgrade, this will make it more available to casuals.

    • Doesn’t make it right though. It’s more the principle than anything else.
      Statistical advantages due to financial/time investment just aren’t suited to PvP.

  • Also just saw the additional content they are adding at no cost. The game is fine – especially since the removal of microtransactions.

    • I’m with you buddy.

      Should EA have done a better job? Absolutely.

      But I’ve found the game enjoyable on release and if they are improving the rewards you get then all the better.

      I’ve found if i get killed its down to the other person getting a lucky shot… or just being better than me 🙁

      Send us a PM if you play on PC and want to team up.

      • “I find the game enjoyable, Therefore anyone who does not enjoy it has an invalid opion because only the positive opions matter” – Logic of the year

  • One Republic wrote a song perfect for this moment…

    “It’s too late….to apologise….it’s toooo laaaaaatteeeee!”

  • Cool. I keep thinking, the way they’re going we might have a good Star Wars game in 6-12 months… And then they’ll bring the microtransactions back 🙁

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