Get Assassin’s Creed Black Flag For Free On PC

Get Assassin’s Creed Black Flag For Free On PC

It’s the tenth anniversary of the Assassin’s Creed series and Ubisoft are giving away one of the best games in the series to celebrate.

Reminder: Assassin's Creed IV Is Great

I've been playing a lot of Assassin's Creed lately. First Unity then Rogue, I've since moved onto (or returned to) Assassin's Creed IV, and playing all three in quick succession has reminded me of one thing: Black Flag is a very good video game, better than most people gave it credit for when it was first released.

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Now you can be a pirate for free without resorting to piracy.

If you missed out on Assassin’s Creed IV: Blag Flag back in the day, now is the perfect time to pick it up for free. Ubisoft is giving away copies of the pirate assassin game for Uplay users until December 18.

To get your copy, simply log in to Uplay and click on the Assassin’s Creed tab where you’ll see a big ol’ button saying “Grab Your Free Copy”. Don’t have Uplay? That’s okay, you can sign up for it over here by clicking on the “Get The Game!” button and following the prompts.



  • I know you couched this claim in the qualifier: ‘one of’ the best games in the series for the sake of sparing the feelings of people who are wrong… but I’ll clarify for any who aren’t yet aware: Black Flag is THE best game in the series.

  • Is Black Flags worth getting and signing up for Uplay? I don’t have anything from Ubisoft, and the only AC I’ve played was the first one and found the game wanting…

    • The first one was a tech demo expanded into a story. It was good as far as it went, but lacking.

      AC2 was brilliant.

      AC3 is vegemite (i loved it, many didn’t…)

      But Black Flag is just a great game. It’s possible to mostly ignore the wider lore and just play pirate assassin. 🙂

      • One could actually make a succesful argument that the BEST way to play Black Flag is to simply play ‘Pirate-Assassin-Simulator’ and sail port to port sinking ships, gaining booty, selling booty, making money, buying stuff etc

        • Yep. There’s a little on land stuff to do to unlock the whole map, but I think I wound up completing nearly all the sea-based roaming before I’d done about 1/3 of the story… which then made smashing through the rest of the story pretty easy anyway (and I enjoyed it, but it’s the last AC game I really bothered with).

      • Though to be fair, uPlay’s major flaws come from when you try to run an UbiGame in Steam, and it runs uPlay on top of that. If you run uPlay on its own as an alternative to Steam, it’s just a big fat ‘whatever’. It’s the two overlays at once that’s so obnoxious.

      • Hahahaaha I see, well thats a non issue for me because I believe I have Uplay account when I grabbed The Division, whenever that got released.

    • The catch is you somehow have to login to a crap site where the password is limited to 16 characters of a-z,A-Z,0-9.

      I can’t login at all. I ended up resetting my password three times in the thought I had somehow broken their settings above.
      I can login to, I can’t login to
      This must be their way of limiting the giveaway.

      • Finally sorted it out. I reckon its a cookie storage issue. I switched from Firefox to Edge (shudder) and could log in and get the game.

        • Geez sounds like you had some problems. I on the other hand logged straight in even remembered my password and got it downloaded. Don’t worry friend it will be worth the hassle.

  • Ubisoft/EA on my do not buy list, no thanks would’nt defile my computer like that.
    I only open Windows to chuck shit out, not put it on 😉

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