Pokemon GO Gets 50 New Monsters And An Intense Weather System

Pokemon GO Gets 50 New Monsters And An Intense Weather System

Niantic has begun its roll out of the third generation of monsters in Pokemon GO with 50 critters from the Hoenn region, and more slated to come later in the year. More surprisingly, though, is that Pokemon GO is about to require going out into the rain and snow to capture every monster thanks to a new weather system.

Hoenn starters such as Treecko, Torchic and the beloved Mudkip are all now available in the wild, along with a cadre of other third gen monsters. That much, everyone expected.

The new weather system, though? It sounds both very cool and kinda wild:

As Trainers are exploring the world around them in search of Pokemon, the current weather in their vicinity will be visible on the in-game map. The real-world weather around Trainers will impact the gameplay of Pokemon GO in a variety of ways that include changing Pokemon habitats and where they can be found, increasing Combat Power, and earning more Stardust after catching a Pokemon.

Ace Trainers can take advantage of their climates to level up their Pokemon GO experience. Trainers can look forward to finding Mudkip splashing when it rains, Cacnea basking in the sun, and Snorunt huddling together in the snow. Certain Pokemon will be more likely to appear in the weather that suits them the most, so Pokemon GO Trainers will be excited to learn more about their local weather patterns and ecology to find these rare Pokemon and make progress on their Pokedexes. As the seasons change, they will encounter different Pokemon, thereby keeping their gameplay experience fresh.

Whether they’re looking for the largest Wailord at a beach, chasing Swablu blowing on the wind, battling alongside their Salamence, or making their Feebas feel beautiful, players will know that as sure as the seasons change, Hoenn Pokémon have arrived. Rainy days just got more interesting for that next outdoor excursion.

The main games have had weather dynamics before, but it’s all digital – you’re not actually out in the rain for hours to capture that Pokemon you really want. But from now on, Pokemon GO players will need to get a little more hardcore if they want to catch ’em all. The good news is that capturing Pokemon in a special climate will at least be worth more thanks to an increase in combat power and extra Stardust.

Here are some pictures of the new weather system in action:



  • Have they fixed the part where it is impossible to “catch them all” without an online tracker and getting in a car to drive for 40mins?

    Or the part where the game notes that you’ve caught over 200 evans’ and rattatta’s so it won’t give you them in 2km eggs?

    Or the part where you need 20+ players to take down a gym boss but there is nothing in the game that tracks other players around you or if the gym next to the gym your at only need 1 more player to participate?

      • Forgive my arrogance, but I’ll assume your the exception rather than the rule.
        I’d also love to know what area you live in (city, town, etc), How many hours/money you’ve invested, where/if you’ve traveled to play, and what age you are. I assume you haven’t just walked around your local neighborhood, and have way more free time than the average Joe?

        • Probably but more stating that it is certainly possible
          I live in the city which is certainly going to help, I can see it being near impossible if you were rural. I haven’t invested money and while time invested it would be large it is just during normal travel time. It is probably less than half a dozen hours I have invested since launch to specifically play and hunt.
          That said I have played basically everyday since launch, I have between 1 and 5 km of walking each day to get to and from the office so that is good for hatching eggs and earning buddy candy to evolve. Also have a tram ride that I will sometime play during to get some extra catching done.
          So not really about having extra time, it is more just consistency in my case.

      • I used an online tracker during gen 1, but there is nothing I’ve caught that I havent since found in the wild. It’s why I stopped using one for Gen 2. All I have left is unown.

    • Why friend you need to purchase a plane ticket and fly to Canberra and trek out to the snow fields. What a terrible joke this weather system is.

      • To be fair, their post seems to imply that the weather just gives a boost to certain types appearing and their CP….I’m hoping that means the others will just be rare which I’m ok with.

        I only play the game very casually these days on my walk to/from work.

        • Yeah I hope you are right as I also play pretty casually, to and from work and on the weekends with my daughter running around the parks. So I am not to fussed not playing a super competitive game and just seeing the excitement from the little one catching pokemon.

  • Not liking their idea of introducing new generation in increments. Especially since we waited so long since the last release. If theyre going to do this, I wish they’d at least jump ahead and release evolutions like Magnezone (be a bit more flexible)

  • There are still huge safety issues of people playing this game while driving or not paying attention to their surroundings… so Niantic decides unsafe weather conditions are the new feature. For an augmened reality company you have no concept of reality your trying to insert yourself in. This is irresponsible.

    I know lets get them out driving in the rain and snow while not paying attention to the road, or where the are walking. I used to live at an intersection that was so bad in the rain I had the local police station on speed dial cause morons dont know what Aquaplaining and Black Ice are.

    • Don’t worry, I’m sure Niantic have taken care of this with 100 new popup messages telling people not to do dumb things. Because if people are getting distracted from playing this game instead of concentrating on what they’re doing, what we really need is more big flashing popups to interrupt them and distract them even more, and annoy the hell out of players who aren’t doing anything wrong.

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