Steam’s Finland Sale

Steam’s Finland Sale
Image: Steam
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On this day a hundred years ago, Finland declared independence from Russia. To celebrate, Steam has a sale on games by Finnish developers because that’s what Steam does on momentous occasions such as this.

There’s an interesting array of games on sale today. It’s an impressive look back at the games Finland has produced over the years. From Cities: Skyline to Trine it looks like the Finns have kept themselves busy since separating themselves from the Russians.

All prices are in Aussie dollars but may fluctuate slightly due to currency conversions.

Cities: Skylines: $9.85

Remember the absolute kerfuffle when Sim City came out a few years ago? Cities: Skylines is the game that they should have made. One of the best city building games in a long while, Cities: Skyline has had continual post-release support to flesh out this already brilliant game.

The Swapper: $2.94

Set in an isolated world, The Swapper has players moving their consciousness around to solve simple yet ingenious puzzles. With a top notch plot, environment and puzzles that will leave you befuddled, The Swapper has picked up a number of awards over the years. Don’t look anything up, just dive in and try to wrap your head around this brilliant game.

Trials Fusion: $10.03

Welcome to the future. Man, machine – the fusion. Do you enjoy failing horribly over and over again until you get that one perfect attempt? The Trials games are the distilled essence of that mentality. Navigate through devious courses on a dirt bike and fall off until you find a way to do it successfully and feel like an absolute legend.

Developers RedLynx are mad geniuses and have included multiple riddles across the games that took a lot of legwork from a lot of people to solve.

Also included in this sale are Trials Evolution ($10.63) and Trials of the Blood Dragon ($7.45). So there will be plenty of falling off bikes.

Lucius: $1.96

Who hasn’t wanted to off the nanny? Lucius is a fun take on Hitman where, instead of killing arms dealers and the like, you’re exacting satanic justice on your family and the help as a creepy little child.

Lucius Demake ($0.97) and Lucius 2 ($3.93) are also on sale today.

Max Payne: $4.59

Adapted into a Mark Wahlberg film, although we won’t hold that against the game, the noir third person shooter has aged poorly. Still, it’s a classic and well worth the nostalgia trip.

You can check out the full sale over on Steam which has any number of weird, wacky and wonderful games on offer. Conspicuously absent from the sale is My Summer Car – an early access simulation game about building a car that’s basically every Finnish stereotype rolled into one fantastically janky package.


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