Dragon Ball FighterZ, As Told By Steam Reviews

With more concurrents than any fighting game previously on Steam, it's safe to say that the reception for Dragon Ball FighterZ on PC has been warm.

Arc System Works' latest fighter launched on all major platforms last week, and while Xbox users have had some issues with lobbies and matchmaking it's been a much smoother ride for the PC crowd.

Sitting at an 80% user rating from just over 2200 reviews at the time of writing, users have praised Dragon Ball FighterZ for offering a suite of PC staples: full keyboard remapping, impressive optimisation on high-end systems, combat variety, the story, and the learning curve for beginners.

Others also pointed out that there are still issues getting some fighting sticks to work natively, and the option from Guilty Gear to switch combo notations from the Xbox buttons to non-controller specific prompts wasn't included. The lack of private lobbies, unreliable matchmaking and difficulty in joining lobbies due to a lack of servers were also singled out for complaints.

Here's what people are saying about Dragon Ball FighterZ on PC:


    Oh rollback NetCode, that’s 90% of the Online issues for this game. The rest, bad balancing and game play mechanics.

      There is no rollback netcode in this game, this game is delay based.

      More importantly, what do you know about balancing fighting games? Whatever your problems are, there's a way to deal with them if you really want to play, lmao.

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