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    Morning all.

    Air conditioning is finally fixed after a month of sweating it out, and covering the windows with foil like a conspiracy theory nutter.

    Went to the movies for the first time in 6 months and saw The Last Jedi, I can understand some people's issues with it, but I really loved it. Have seen it three times due to circumstances, and it got better with each viewing, whereas I found TFA kind of started to crack after three viewings.

    Haven't done any gaming as it has been too hot without air-con to run the gear.

    Hope all had a good fest-season, I'm looking for a boardgame I can play with my wife, that can also expand out to 3 or 4 players if the teens decide to remove their noses from their phones and grace us with their presence. Any suggestions?

      Paging our resident Board Games expert - @adamwells

      My picks are:

      Ticket to Ride

        Tsuro is a great little game that takes all of 5 minutes to learn and can be super competitive.
        I'd also recommend forbidden desert for the cooperative types

      Race for the Galaxy used to be a go-to for me for two players or more than two (it has a specific two-player variant).

    With mining making graphics cards effectively pay themselves off in around 3-4 months, I'm wondering if everyone will just buy themselves a 980Ti, run it for 3 months to pay it off, and then game with it?

      Not worth it here with how expensive our power is, you'd be lucky to break even after the cost of power & other hardware tbh, and also how unstable BTC has been of late.

        With power costs it took 118 days to get the cost of my 1080Ti back, (would have been 80 days if power was free).
        Not worth it if you are looking to make a ton of money, but was worth it for me to be able to get a top end graphics card and get the cost rebated after a few months. I don't bother mining with it now that I have its cost repaid.

          Oh wow that's not bad, 4 months. Tempting to do that myself now :P Mine with my 1070, then buy something like a 1080Ti & sell the 1070..

            How much do you pay for power?

            My 1070 over the last month was making between $50-$60 per month, that takes into account my power cost at 40c/kWh

              Holy shit. Here's me thinking our 30 cents kWh was a lot..

    Hey guys.

    2018 is off to a pretty alright start. I worked NYD, so dat 250% loading is gonna be nice in my next pay. Then some new computer parts showed up on Wednesday, for my new case (I got an Ncase M1 for Christmas).

    Looks pretty good so far. Just need to get some CableMod custom cables, i'm thinking green & black or green & white, i'm not sure yet. Also I might get one of EVGA's PowerLink doo-hickeys for the GPU. Also going to pop in a CableMod RGB strip since they are 100% compatible with my motherboard & that shit & I will eventually be modding the side panel to have a piece of glass in it. It should look amazing.

      Nice work, what is the Powerlink Doohickey?

        It just moves the PCI-E power from the side to the rear of the card, purely aesthetics, only for EVGA cards though, well I think it is.

        Last edited 10/01/18 10:46 am

    This is probably sacrilege but I'm going to say it anyway.

    I saw Batman vs. Two-Face over the holiday period. And in all honesty, I actually liked it.

    Granted it is a call back to the campy 1960s Batman but when the silliness was pulled away I honestly feel one finds one of the best Two-Face stories of recent times.

    My favourite scene is where Batman is unmasked and "Harvey" exclaims, "Bruce! How can you keep this from your friend!"

    This is an interesting question. There is a lot of lore (comics, TV, etc.) so sorry in advance if this scenario has already been explored. But I liked how for one moment Bruce Wayne was fact to face with outcome of keeping something from his "trusted" friend.

    Story aside, I also think it's a good final call for Adam West. And oddly enough, I think Shatner did a good job as well but then again this Batman is from the same decade as Star Trek: TOS so Shatner is a compatible vintage. And granted there is also Ward and Newmar but mentioning them is the same as saying water is wet.

      Netflix's Daredevil does a good job of it. Foggy Nelson pretty much ignores the Daredevil aspect of it until he's calmed down. Instead he's really hurt that his best friend hid all this from him.

    Well holiday period was nice but back at work now
    Spend first week doing family stuff and the 2nd week Tiglet stuff
    Also the bugger of a job of building a wardrobe for Mrs Tigs

    Otherwise things are still quite good. Jags won wildcard playoff round so into the next round. Tossing up if I want to get up at stupid o'clock to watch the next game though.

    Standards in technology has been on my mind lately.

    It came about with the articles about Samsung's smart house and it's apparent adherence to IoT Standards, when Samsung implemented CEC on some early Tv's which is a standard comms system, they turned it into a proprietary mess, so I doubt there connected house will be any better.

    I for one am getting sick of it. For almost everything around in tech there are recognised Standards, but no everyone has to make their own proprietary version that will only work with their branded stuff.
    I would like a connected integrated future but it will never happen if no one sticks to these open standards and makes everything proprietary. The way were going it will get to the point where one day your fridge will need replacing and instead of just getting a new one, you'll have to by one from what ever eco system your house is.

      Relevant XKCD:

      The trick with standards is that if no one uses them, they're not a standard. :(

        Most standards are maintained through industry bodies or governments.
        They're not something just made up but prescribed guidelines.

    I've been looking at the history of gaming, tracking it back to the 60s-70s with the play by mail diplomacy gaming of North America. If you think the troll, bullying, racist sexist assholes in gaming is new, think again. There was epidemic levels of racism, and anti homosexuality culture in a lot of the play by mail gaming zines. A very 'public' Feud between John Boardman (who established and managed the issuing of Boardman Numbers to registered diplomacy games) and Rod Walker (who wanted to oust him from power) is blamed for the schism that would literally divide the Diplomacy gaming community, but the bigotry and racism is what ultimately drove people out of the gaming community.

    I haven't posted here in a month, I am a monster.
    Still working on the Kitchen Reno on and off. After waiting for the Electrical work to be done, I now have to build a batten wall, buy two 20cm cabinets and make a small breakfast bar thing for Mum to store her Kettle and tea cups

      Hey Scree! Are you doing progress pics? :D Sounds like it's been quite the task for you!

        Nah, too lazy and it would slow me down

          Fair call. Is there going to be at least a before & after pic? :D Sounds like it is all coming together for you!

          If you don't mind me asking, how much do you think it has cost you so far? our kitchen really needs to be redone & I wouldn't mind doing something myself.

            the cabinets have been about 2k each. I didn't really get a before pic because I am an idiot

    Holy crap, ten days til Monster Hunter World, and two weeks til Weezer and Foo Fighters!
    I'm so damn excited! :D

    I think it's amazing that Big Ant has either:
    a. Managed to tap into such a niche market that people will allow them to get away with anything just because they produce the only sports game of that type, or
    b. Have managed to indoctrinate people into thinking anyone who points out flaws in Big Ant products must be out to get them and are somehow engaging in some mad conspiracy.

    Also, the CEO of Big Ant once called a reviewer an "oxygen thief" for giving a review on one of the Rugby games that pointed up some not good bits.
    A grown man running a company resorted to schoolyard name calling.
    It's a shame he reflects so poorly on the company while the actual workers are probably a good sort.

    Oh this is cool.

    Paul from Paul's Hardware & Kyle from BitWit have a weekly live stream called Awesome Hardware (the name stems from when Kyle used to call his channel AwesomeSauce) and they have a segment called "Pimp My PC" & I decided to submit mine this week & Kyle chose it! I think because he loved the Ncase M1 to be honest. But they couldn't say anything negative about my PC other than the fact the colour of the Noctua fans & that Paul noticed the sticker on the fan extension cable, which I am yet to remove :P


      My PC is housed in a 15 year old boring black case with cables all over the place :)

        I know right? I was stoked when Kyle picked it, shame I wasn't watching live though :(

        I've wanted that case since I saw it all those years ago. It's an awesome little case, real easy to build in too!

    I've paid off my Monster Hunter PS4 Pro which I'll be picking up Australia Day morning. Got a barbecue to attend that afternoon then I'll be inflating the air mattress and going full mushroom in the loungeroom for the weekend

    Quick question: is there a way to check the Australian Nintendo eshop prices for games without opening it in the switch? Similar to the psn app Or even a website??? Been looking everywhere...

    Help! My kids have started to take an interest in playing games on the Xbox with me. I have a 6 yr old (girl) & a 4 yr old (boy). Whilst they really want to play, they are both hopeless with a controller and the 4 y.o. in particular refuses to let me try and teach/help him!

    So, I'm looking for a game that a) we can all play together, b) is great fun, c) is super easy to play (like only 2-3 buttons required!)

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

      Over cooked

        Was looking at Overcooked. I was wondering if it is going to be too difficult for them?

          Not sure. I play it with my niece who is 5. as long as you don't expect to get 3 stars it's quite fun.

    My quiet new year's resolution, being somewhat more conservative than last year's "finish four of the biggest RPGs in my backlog," was to finish a game of Factorio before MH:W released. New year's resolution achieved! Next step is to convert the entire base to logistics robots after a short trial at my iron mine proving extremely effective.

    Also learned that Subnautica releases this week, so I figured I'd dive back in (sorry!) and see what was new, given the current Steam build is more or less what was handed to reviewers. Holy crap, that game's come a long way - it's got a story (that's pretty interesting thus far), and really keen to see where it goes.

    Hey guys, did you know Hanzo almost had Zenyattas voice?

    Found myself a copy of Monster Hunter Portable on PSP for $5 at Cash Converters.
    There's no case cover, and the game is in Japanese...
    ...still, $5! \o/

    Has something happened to Gizmodo?

    It looks like all comments are gone and there is no ability to actually post new comments.

      I logged in to say this, I sent them an email too.

      Doesn't appear on our profile either, just Kotaku and lifehacker.

      No response here, from my email nor my tweet at Rae. Disappointed.

      Last edited 25/01/18 8:36 am

      Yeah I just noticed that & all my comments have been deleted from my profile. So weird. I also commented on a LifeHacker article last night, which has now vanished, weird..

        His hasn't been doing to well if you look at it on a comments per article ratio. Plus they were getting fairly faciast with some if their articles and author responses. That and dwindling content. I remember you'd have 4 pages of articles a day now you're lucky to get 4 articles.
        Maybe they're going to wrap it up.

          I still at least one new page of articles a day in recent, especially after CES there was a lot of content. But it's a slow time of the year for tech orientated stuff, give a few more weeks & there will be a lot to talk about. It's like this every year. Even the tech podcasts/live streams I watch don't have much to talk about other than Crypto mining..

            Even taking slow news periods into account, It's been dropping off for years not just the last few weeks. 2017 being the boggest decline in content I've seen.

    Yeah, I noticed that a couple days ago. I checked for some sort of notice from Rae, et al, couldn't find anything. Would be nice if they could let us know what's going on.

    I'm surprised at how much less interested I am in the stories now that I know there is no opportunity to see what the community has to say about them.

      As there was so much opinion rather than fact in a lot of articles I learnt more in the comments or from people posting links to further reading.

    Mum's HP laptop automatically downloaded the Intel update that causes the constant rebooting, I used system restore and hope that rolled the update back, I marked the Wi Fi connection as metered so Windows 10 won't automatically download updates but i fear system restore might not be enough to undo the carnage. Not sure what else i can do?.

      Nevermind, It's okay, Just waiting for a patch from Intel intellectual fuck heads that fixes their shit & isn't rushed, Also i can't say this enough, Fk Intel.

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