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  • Thanks to the Game Pass being $1 for 3 months, I recently got into Sea of Thieves.
    Despite there not being that much to do, I’m finding it to be like some sort of virtual crack. Hook it into my veins!

    • I wish they had some kinda of environmental storytelling. I would see things and would be interested in what had happened there, but…nothing

          • That would be wonderful! I’d be happy to pay you handsomely for one, I know doing a one-off is a lot more work than when you make a batch. My 6 year old daughter has just discovered Splatoon, and it is her new obsession. The house is plastered in drawings, and she has built all of the weapons out of pegs and foam and even set up the shop on our trampoline. I’d love to get her a hat if you are interested in making one.

          • I’ll check to see if I have green. Is after Christmas okay? Also, I will need a head measurement and a measurement from the top of the head down to the mid thighs. The second measurement is the tentacle length if you want it shorter

  • Thanks to an annoying World Vision banner ad ensconced above an endless white page that keeps popping up every 10 seconds whenever I open the Twitch Talk Show article, I’m left wondering who is this “discount Amouranth” is (Or however you spell that….*tryingtostaypolite*….person of dubious entertainment value spells her name). I’ve tried reading about this twitch talk show about 15 times now and it keeps popping up with a level of frequency and determination equal to my deadbeat neighbour swooping us for ciggies. Could you please sort this out so i can find just which trashbag full of biowaste, scientology application forms and roadkill offal- sorry, i misspelled twitch streamer- is laying claim to this lofty aforementioned title? Thanks!

  • Today i learnt there are people actually celebrating a certain famous youtuber being robbed which is ironic given the crowd these types belong to and the supposed values and political views they preach.

    Funny how they all have similar twitter bios with similar contents.

  • Last night I booted up Jedi Fallen Order for the first time. I played for three hours. Then I uninstalled it.


    Because I cannot stand the protagonist, Cal Kestis. It was loathing at first sight. So much about him irritates me, but especially his face and its expressions. I just want to punch him every time I see him.

    The gameplay is good, and the story might be excellent, but seeing that whiny little shit progress, become powerful and succeed is just going to annoy me far too much.

    Back to hunting ‘gators in Lagras for me.

  • Took the plunge on Saturday and started playing FFXIV; now have a level 42 Black Mage, who will be lost to time as, during the Titan fight, I could no longer compensate for the latency I’d been experiencing and looked into transfers… and realised I had created my character on a server that is listed as “Preferred” (thus disallows any and all outgoing transfers), and also that the preferred status was why I was getting double XP, so rolling a new character elsewhere will be a much longer process.

    On the plus side, MMOs have come a long way since I bounced off WoW all those years ago. The main questline is one coherent, evolving story that I’m actually finding myself getting invested in; the combat has some neat twists on classic hot-key mechanics, although being ranged DPS makes a lot of dungeons a fairly static rotation of expend mana, regen mana, repeat. Not a fan of dungeons being part of the story, tho – not one dungeon took less than 15 minutes to matchmake even during server peak, and everyone skipped cutscenes so there were instances where I’d join the fight and find the boss at <10% HP… which, as one of the two DPS roles, I found somewhat odd.

    • Wait, what? People ignored you being new? Ugh, people suck. If you ever need people to party with, Nob, Gorzy and I all play. I tend to main healer, but all three of us can play any role.
      You have chosen a great time to start. They just streamlined the MSQ after the first expansion. It used to be a lot of dumb, go here, hear someone say one sentence, go there, speak to that person, move outside again.

      Back to people sucking, I’ve mostly had good encounters in dungeons. A few bad ones, but mostly good ones. Tell people You’re new. I know I always keep an eye out for newbies and help them.
      Also, Titan is a DICK. I hate that one so much. Thanks goodness none of the others are that bad.

      • Well I might’ve exaggerated a little – did most of the 6(?) mandatory dungeons thus far at around 12-4am server time, so people were probably not paying too much attention for newbies. And there was only one boss where they got it down to a couple of hits from death – most I got into the fight when it was still around 75%. I did have two runs where people were considerate and waited for me to watch the cutscene, too, including the haunted house dungeon where someone kindly let me know I needed to port back to the start to continue.

        I recreated my character on Tonberry last night (oh god do I miss my mount speed buffs!) and am about to unlock Sastasha, so it’s not taking terribly long to get back up to speed. I’m trying to optimise my travel, unlocking aether crystals for a zone in advance if a quest takes me near, and actually working on my hunting log this time, it’s been going faster than I expected.

        The latency is much better, too – feels like I have an extra second or two to escape an incoming AoE, which should make some of the upcoming boss fights a bit easier. And looking at the quest list, it looks like level 50 pre-HW has something like a hundred MSQ quests, half as many quests as 1-49… yeesh.

        • And they streamlined it. =P There’s an official FF14 facebook page. A lot of them are on tonberry as well.
          I enjoy the hunting log. There’s also a sightseeing log, but it just gives you a title, not really worth it.
          Are you doing any quest with the blue-purple background on the quest marker?

          • I’m doing the class quest from the Thaumaturgy guild every 5 levels, if that’s the one you mean? Or rather, I’ll hand one in and pick up the next one whenever my other quests send me back to Ul’dahn. I think my current one is this one.

            Oh, and I did the blue quest that unlocked the challenge log, tho I haven’t really looked into it much yet, but heard it might be a useful source of supplemental XP. Other than that, I’ve not really touched the blue quests (I did some levequests on the old server, but probably won’t touch them this time until I join The Maelstrom and need seals for a chocobo) – just been grabbing the next MSQ and nearby sidequests, finish them and hand in, repeat until the MSQ takes me elsewhere.

          • There are gold backgrounds, or blue-purple ones. The blue purple ones give you something new. They can unlock dungeons, give minions, mounts, emotes, pretty much unlocking something. Often story quests and job quests have the same colouring. If you see one, feel free to grab it when you’re done leveling.

    • There’s a setting somewhere in the game that allows you to auto-skip dungeon cutscenes if you’ve already seen them, so this is likely why the others in your party are skipping cutscenes.

      I personally make a point of watching all dungeon cutscenes the first time through and if the others go on ahead, well that’s their problem. I have the little sprout icon next to my name, so they should know I’m new!

      Anyway yeah, FFXIV is the best MMO I’ve ever played. the MSQ is fantastic (although the part in between the end of ARR and the start of Heavensward takes FOREVER) and the side quests can often be pretty neat, too.

      If you do need to roll on a different server, be aware that the “unofficial” Australian servers are Tonberry and Kujata. Tonberry is closed to new characters right now, however, so Kujata pretty much has to be it.

      • Ah, that makes sense. And “everybody” was a little hyperbolic – out of the six(?) dungeons I had to do (got to MSQ lvl ~30-ish), I did have a couple where the others did sit down and wait until I finished the cutscene. I guess I can put it down to running on the EU servers with most of my bad dungeon runs being around 12-4am EU-time, and saw very few new players wandering around while I was questing, so newbies might be a rare sight at those times.

        Thanks, I did some research and recreated my character on Tonberry just last night (so I guess it’s not closed? *shrug*), hit level 18 and about to unlock Sastasha. I’m already feeling the lack of the old server’s double XP buff, but having an extra second or more to move out of an AoE has made up for it, and being able to skip through a lot of the dialog/cutscenes I read through literally a couple of days ago has sped things up a bit. God I miss my chocobo and mount speed buffs, tho 😛

  • Sydney is fucked.

    Never seen anything like this in my life, and I grew up with fires – one nearly took the family house one year.

    Just unreal.

    • I read the air quality is 12 times over the safe limit, that’s absolutely insane.

      You should check out the fire map too, it’s like the whole country is burning.

        • Most of us probably have friends or family in some of the affected areas given how widespread it is. It’s horrific. The only saving grace so far is that we haven’t had the strings of uninterrupted 40+ days yet like in the buildup to Black Saturday. But it’s not even Xmas and some of these fires have been going since *July* – our firies need help and support from the government, volunteers have long since used up volunteer leave and they can’t keep taking time off work (and the country can’t keep relying on them to do so with the fire season having at least 4 months to go).

      • And yet for some reason air quality apps say “moderate” air quality..

        I am inhaling ash and smoke from smog and its saying “moderate”…

  • Just wanted to say Merry Christmas to @alexwalker and the rest of the Aussie Kotaku gang and thanks for all the great Aussie content you put out this year 🙂

  • Just wanted to say to everyone: hope you had an amazing Christmas and have the best New Year.

    Thank you all for your time, readership and continued patience. Here’s to a bigger and brighter 2020, and hopefully the chance to do and write more things that brings a bit of joy into your day.

    *raises glass*

    Love you all.

  • Best wishes for the holiday period folks!
    Enjoy your days off, days on and the quality time you have with family, friends and yourself.

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