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    Dear Kotaku,

    I didn't buy Smash and I have no plans to. But all my friends, family, acquaintances and their pets are playing Smash. This is giving me a major case of FOMO but it's just not a game I enjoy. I've spoken to most of them about it and they think I probably need to be lobotomised because in their words 'what kind of nutjob doesn't like Smash?' So what should I do? Just buy Smash? Get over my FOMO? Or should I seriously consider the lobotomy?

    Not a Smash fan

      I'm also not a Smash fan, I've never found the nuance that many others seem to find in the game.

      I don't think you are missing out on much, unless you want to buy just to see if you begin to like it.

        So I'm in the same boat. I never grew up with Smash so I didn't ride that wave, but I've been playing it a ton lately.

        It's definitely something that benefits from being on the biggest monitor possible. The screen really isn't large enough sometimes when you've got a screen with 5-6-7+ things flying around at once, all zoomed out.

        But it's kind of fun, in the same way playing the story mode of Mortal Kombat/Injustice is fun.

      Get new; friends, family, acquaintances and pets. If people can't accept someone can have a different opinion, they ain't worth knowing.

    Has anyone played the 7th Continent? Im weirdly drawn to the premise behind it but was wondering people's thoughts.

      So me and Tegan have had a Google Docs for board games we've wanted to buy for *ages*. 7th Continent was one of the first things I put on the list, but I haven't pulled the trigger yet.

      Maybe @haoranun has played it?

        On another note i pulled the trigger on Azul over the weekend because i didn't have enough for free shipping from Amazon. Purely based on your article. Better be good Alex! :P

          More importantly, I think it's good. You're in safe hands here.

            Which one? 7th Continent or Azul?

              Azul. 7th continent i have not actually played, but i hear it's okay.

                What about the new Azul?

                  Look, TBH I haven't played it, but I did watch it played and read the rules. I'm not 100% if it's an actual improvement over Azul #1. My gut feel is it's extra complexity for less elegance and that #1 is probably still a better game.

                I wondered why it was cheaper. I guess if I want a stained glass game, I should stick with Sagrata

      I mulled over backing it for the entire length of the KS campaign back in the day so I'll be interested to hear others' thoughts on this too.

    So I bought two Sony BVM-D24E1WA 24" Widescreen broadcast CRT's.

    Once I figure out all the ins and outs, I'm going to be in scanline Nirvana :D.

      Nice. I had to LCd my arcade cabinet with an adaptor board cause I couldn't find a reasonable priced good size CRT. I'm jelly.

      Nice. Are these the vga via bnc input ones? I would love a nice old sony crt for some emulation or a dreamcast outputting in vga.

        Haha, well I might be selling one! (wink wink, nudge nudge). Jokes.

        They can do composite, component and SDI all over BNC (depending on input cards, I was lucky enough to get a BKM-42HD & a BKM-21D so covers most). Some VGA might need to be retimed though, but is in essence just a RGB connection that can be handled fine.

        For Dreamcast, Component is I feel the better option anyway (once HDRetrovision gets off their ass anyway).

          Component would still be good. Would you still need the DC to do VGA output or the VGA output patch for the component output though?

            Nope, no patching needed, just a toggle on the box.

            Essentially HD's version outputs receives VGA and outputs component, and lets you toggle to fall back to composite if need be.

            Some games you'll still want to patch, others that don't work at all provide an easy way forward though.

    The Guardian says you guys are being merged with Pedestrian and some have been made redundant with the Nine/Fairfax merger. Is this true? I don't want to lose even more Australian stories.

      Oh man. This sux (or could suck?) Pedestrian is a bit too tabloid for my liking.

        Hey all: business as usual.

          You guys are already at low staffing anyway aren't you? Feels like I only see maybe 4 names for Australian staff writers, maybe 5-6 if you include Gizmodo and Lifehacker writers too. It feels less than days gone by but maybe that's just nostalgia talking.

          Considering it's become increasingly difficult to generate passive revenue online, that's all to be expected I suppose. I'm kinda curious how the US outfit is doing since the Gawker collapse too.

            They've just opened up new positions (deputy, entry-level) for Kotaku in the US, as well as new staff positions for Gizmodo and Lifehacker, this week.

              I guess the timing of my comment ended up being a bit awkward, what with both Haoran and Hayley confirmed leaving. Is it just you and Logan left on Kotaku?

    I showed Mum Katamari on switch and know she really, really wants it.

      Do it. It is a fun classic. I love some of the older weird and strange games like that. Imagine a remake of Seaman for the switch.

        Oh, my Mum Loves Katamari. She played the PS2 one a lot. I think she even played it more than Tetris which is another of her favourites.

    I am very sad because one of my all-time favourite Youtube channels, Super Best Friends, has ended. Even though I know the three of them will go on to do their own stuff, I still feel really sad that it's over.

      I came in here looking for this.

      Sadness go up, friendship go down :(

    It's my last week of work in the office before I go on 2 weeks leave. What strategies do you use to keep yourself busy when their is little to no work/motivation?

      The last time I had that problem I was with a company that locked down practically everything online. So I spent most of my time reading Wikipedia for science and tech and history articles that seemed interesting. Not the most exciting thing I suppose but it's an option.

    The Best Friends channel has ended and I'm very sad.

      I guess I'll just have to go and unsubscribe from Super Eyepatch Wolf again.

      For real though, I am way more cut up about this than I thought I would be. The fact that there's clearly some animosity there is what makes it all the worse.

      Their podcasts has kept me company while on the train and cooking so many times. I'll miss it for sure.

      They got me into dark souls, berserk, silentl hill, resident evil, dmc and fighting games.

      I'm thankful they still have their own channels but its still sad the way they went out.

    Hey All,

    I have been contemplating pulling the trigger on buying a PS4 Pro to replace my PS4 (original fat boy).
    Been hoping to see some deals this time of year as base price is in the $549 range, but nothing has really come up.
    Lately I have noticed that the PS4 Pro has been listed as out of stock/discontinued, even JB dropped it from their online catalogue.
    I figured that this might be in preparation of the CUH-7200 model coming, but today I see JB has it listed it again for $469 base price that's $80 cheaper off the base price!

    Anyone here made the PS4->PS4 Pro leap that can let me know if they thought it was worth it themselves, or should I still keep an eye out for specials?


    And now I see a KH3 limited edition
    I'm thinking there might be some specials a commin

    Last edited 17/12/18 7:06 pm

      For me I found it worth it for games that have a performance mode that allows you to play at 60fps. God of war was a lot better at 60fps. I game a lot on my pc so games running at low fps feel very slow. Then for other games I found it beneficial for more stable frame rates over all. Also if you have a 4K tv the higher resolution may be to your preference.

        Thanks mate!
        I grabbed a nice 4k telly a month or so ago and have been really impressed with how my old PS4 looks on it, and loved GoW massively!

        Now that Im seeing some "deals" starting to appear online, I might just do it

    Maybe I'll repost in new TAY. 2019 TAY.

    Last edited 02/01/19 5:51 pm

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