The Women Of SNK Get Their Own Fighting Game

The Women Of SNK Get Their Own Fighting Game

Coming this winter to PlayStation 4 and Switch, SNK Heroines Tag-Team Battle assembles a “generous roster of female heroines from the SNK universe”, pitting them against one another in glitter-filled two-on-two brawls and some light dress-up. Hooray!

Up to four players will be able to battle it out with the likes of Leona, Athena, Kula and good-old Mai. With power-up items dropping like rain and one-button special moves, it sounds like SNK Heroines is geared towards more casual fighting game fans. And seriously, look at all the glitter going on here.

So much glitter.

Glitter and sparkles.

I am a big fan of glitter and sparkles. I am also a big fan of costumes and accessories. SNK Heroines has costumes.

And up to 100 different accessories.

It’s like they have made a game just for me!

SNK Heroines Tag-Team Battle is coming globally to the Switch and PS4 this winter. While both platforms will get the game digitally, only the Switch is getting a standard retail release. If you want a physical PlayStation 4 copy, you’ll need to get the special Diamond Dream Edition from the official SNK online store. The Diamond Dream Edition isn’t currently in the European/PAL SNK store, but here’s hoping it pops up soon.




  • I… uh, okay. Sure.

    Gals Fighters wasn’t the first game I expected SNK to bring up to date after the success of KOFXIV, but… I’ll take it?

  • I really don’t know why they needed to make so many of the outfits so skimpy. With the exception of Mai, female SNK fighting game characters for the most part generally don’t overplay the sexy thing and are modestly dressed.

  • I need to know roster before purchasing. Specifically, I need to know if Vanessa will finally stop being ignored and get back to being the bad ass, fighting MILF that she was long before C.Viper was a thing.

    • It appears that they’re using the KOF14 models (just with lots of added glitter and costumes), and they stopped ignoring Vanessa and added her to KOF14 as DLC. So she has a pretty good chance of being in this new game’s roster. We can only hope.

  • Looks like the kind of game that’d be a great digital purchase for me, the kind of thing you just pop into for a quick round or two.

  • If they get Mature in there and dig up Sanada Kojiroh from Last Blade 2, I’ll be content.

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