This Week In Games: Dragons And Monsters

Oh my, would you look at the time. The first major blockbuster games of the year have arrived. First up: the neon fist frenzy of Dragon Ball Fighter Z, followed by the gargantuan journey to capture a colossal elder dragon in Monster Hunter World.

Lost Sphear (PC, PS4, XBO, Switch)

What is it? The latest JRPG from Tokyo RPG Factory, the same studio responsible for I am Setsuna.
Should you care? That'll depend on how much you loved I am Setsuna, and classic JRPG gameplay in general.

Axiom Verge (Switch)

What is it? An oldschool Metroidvania with a retro Super Metroid look.
Should you care? Absolutely, if you enjoyed Shovel Knight or any Metroidvania before. Axiom Verge is really, really clever. Note this is a retail release.

Celeste (PC, PS4, XBO, Switch)

What is it? A new platformer from the makers of TowerFall.
Should you care? Easiest way to find out? Watch this video from Tim.

Tennis (Switch)

What is it? A cartoonish-looking tennis game for the Switch.
Should you care? No. No. Do not.

Super One More Jump (Switch)

What is it? A one-touch platformer, made in Australia.
Should you care? This could play quite nicely on the Switch.

Shu (Switch)

What is it? A 2.5D platformer where you guide Shu and her posse as they try to escape a neverending storm.
Should you care? Looks intriguing at parts, but if I had to buy one platformer on the Switch this week this wouldn't be it.

Atomik (Switch)

What is it? A retro, neon-esque 2D platformer that relies on two buttons.
Should you care? Doesn't look like a bad investment for $8.

Monster Hunter World (PS4, XBO)

What is it? An open world where you track and hunt down giant monsters, studying their weaknesses and the environments within.
Should you care? This will probably be the most accessible Monster Hunter game ever. Even if you haven't played the beta, or previous Monster Hunter games, this is targeted at everyone.

Dragon Ball Fighter Z (PC, PS4, XBO)

What is it? Imagine Marvel vs Capcom but instead of some awesome comic book heroes and a bunch of B-tier ones, it's Goku and Cell going bonkers on your screen.
Should you care? OMG yes.

Iconoclasts (PC, PS4, Vita)

What is it? A renegade mechanic takes it upon herself to discover the secrets of a dying planet.
Should you care? Out of all the platformers this week, this is the most vibrant and looks like it'll have the most focus on story and characterisation. Definitely keep an eye out.

Subnautica (PC)

What is it? An underwater open-world exploration game, where you craft equipment and dodge hostile wildlife to survive.
Should you care? It's been in early access for a while, but Subnautica has come a long way and it's had a great reception of late. Definitely worthwhile looking at for those who like ARK and any survival/exploration games.

Slipstream (PC)

What is it? An oldschool-style racing game with the look of Outrun, where you slip and slide your way to the end.
Should you care? Yeah, why not. Has a bit of an Outrun vibe.

Railway Empire (PC, PS4, XBO)

What is it? The makers of the Tropico series return with a strategy game about managing a railroad empire, akin to the Tycoon Simulator gameplay.
Should you care? Tropico is good fun but I don't know how big the market for railroad tycoon sims are these days. Be interested to see how well this does.

So those are the biggest names out this week. Anything catch your eye?


    So excited for monster hunter!!! Been counting down since E3. Still unsure of dragon ball though I love the series, but not a big fan of 2d fighters.

    Man, it's a tough week. On the one hand you have MH: World, on the other we finally get Iconoclasts. Then there's Celeste... I was hoping Lost Sphear would have been part of the quandary too but the demo left me feeling like I'd played one of the numerous RPG Maker games flooding Steam. It just doesn't stand up against all the other great JRPGs coming out lately.

    OK K.O.!: Let's Play Heroes is also out this week on PC/PS4/XBOne.

      I have to agree about Lost Sphear. I played the demo and thought it was actually a really bad advertisement for the game. It felt very bland and unexciting.

    Was pleasantly surprised to see Subnautica getting released this week. Hadn't played since it first arrived on Steam, when it was just a survival/crafting game with no objectives beyond working through the tech tree and establishing a base - it was a refreshing take on a genre filled with deserted islands. Started a new game on the weekend and wow, that game's come a long way - it has a story!

    Also very much looking forward to MHW, and undecided on DBZF... I'm not a big fan of pure 2D fighters, but still feeling the pull of nostalgia.

    Played the Dragon Ball and Monster Hunter betas and going to get Dragon Ball. Personally love the series and had fun in game. Playing Monster Hunter just didnt feel enjoyable. I tried getting into it on the 3DS with friends years ago and never had fun, felt the same on PS4

    A lot of the first exposure to Monster Hunter depends greatly on which weapon you pick. Some are far more playable than others out of the gate. Heavy bowgun for instance is a great weapon that feels rubbish to begin with where a sword and shield feel more like an action RPG play style. I am picking up my rathalos PS4 Pro on Australia then going full mushroom for the weekend

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