Dr Disrespect Calls Criticism Of His Mock Chinese Accent ‘Laughable’

Dr Disrespect Calls Criticism Of His Mock Chinese Accent ‘Laughable’

Possibly the most popular streamer on Twitch, Dr Disrespect was called out yesterday by musician Jimmy Wong for acting racist based on a series of clips compiled by the latter in which Disrespect caricatures Chinese accents and language. During a recent stream, Disrespect fired back by saying that some of his best friends are Asian.

After calling some other Fortnite players he was queuing with “no-lifes,” Disrespect said yesterday that he was glad to be raised differently.

“Being around different people, different ethnicities, growing up in a nice public school system having good friends from Asian descent, best friends Mexican, numerous,” he said.

He then went on to use the ethnicity of his wife as proof that wave off criticism of his mockery of Chinese accents:

“Got friends I can call right now that are multicultural, multiracial, I love it, I love it. Mrs. Assassin, my wife, multiracial, all the way from the small island of Molokai. Lots of Filipino blood. I love it.

And you got this idiot on Twitter, this idiot searching for, desperate for attention wanna be idiot, right, trapped in a box, trapped in a gated community, a private school, if you will.”

Disrespect finished by calling Wong “clueless” and the entire thing controversy “laughable.” Wong is perhaps best known for a YouTube video from 2011 called “Ching Chong: Asians in the Library Song” in which he parodied racist attitudes toward Asian people.

Disrespect gained his following on Twitch doing cool trick shots in shooters like PUBG while wearing sunglasses and a wig. His growing popularity led to be crowned Trending Gamer at last year’s Video Game Awards.

Shortly after that, he took a break from his work, after admitting to cheating on his wife.

This week marked his triumphant return to Twitch when on Monday he garnered over 388,000 concurrent viewers according to Twitch’s metrics.

In almost perfect streamer form, he’s already on to new drama.

Since his original tweet, Wong has received a number of comments from fans defending Disrespect. As games like PUBG have grown in popularity, they have exploded in markets like China’s, leading some of the American player-base to complain about an influx of cheaters, language barriers, and in some cases openly mocking and ridiculing players who sound Chinese.

“I know the H1z1 and pubg servers are often filled with Chinese players,” Wong said in response. “I also know that just because someone’s shitty to you doesn’t excuse you mocking their language and screaming at them on [voice chat]. Dr’s being an arse – full stop.”

Correction: A previous version of this article incorrectly quoted Dr Disrespect as saying “Malamawi” rather than “Molokai.”

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