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    How about this weather, huh?

      Melbourne is back to melbourning. I'm so happy

        Brisbane is hot/stormy - no changes here.

          We had your weather for a few days. It was awful

            I do not like 31c at 630 in the morning, not at all.

    Hi everybody!

    Sold my PS3 on the weekend, since I hadn't used it in well over a year, more like 2 years. Went to EB to see how much a 120GB Slim PS3, with controller, Blu-Ray Remote, Play TV, Sony Bluetooth headset & 9 games which were, Fallout 3 GOTY, Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition, GTA IV, GTA V, GTA: Episodes from Liberty City, Heavy Rain, L.A. Noire, Max Payne 3, Red Dead Redemption GOTY, Rocksmith 2014 + Cable & South Park: The Stick of Truth. They offered me a grand total of $45...

    So I put it up on eBay & got $120, would've preferred more like $150 + postage, but can't win 'em all. It served me well, just it had been gathering dust & i'd much rather the $$ than something sitting around doing nothing going to waste when someone else could use it!

      That doesn't sound right (I worked at EB). Perhaps they traded the console as broken in the transaction? They give you a reason?

        I used to work for EB too, it's right.

        The console in working condition with a controller, HDMI & power cable was going to trade the most at $35 i'm pretty sure, the games at best were going to get $2 each but most like GTA IV are trading at 80 cents, rocksmith was the biggest trader at $7, the remote was only a couple of dollars & the Play TV was $7. It would've come to mid 50's actually, but still. A joke. I remember when I was trading broken 60GB 360's I got for free to them for $30..

        Still, the maybe at most $60 I was gonna get isn't really worth it, especially since in NSW they can't give cash for trades for some unknown reason. I was always told it was to do with the second hand dealers act, which I don't believe but eh.

          I worked at EB for two weeks over Christmas to help out the store manager of my old store (hadn't worked there in over 3 years but his xmas casuals all quit so needed a hand). Anecdotally, PO PS3, and 360 hardware for that matter, simply weren't moving. We were getting so many trades, however. I reckon they would be sitting on so much refurb stock at the DC right now that they almost don't want them anymore so pay nothing for them.

            I'd say you're correct haha. Plus the PS4 & Xbone have been out 5 years this year (also 5 years since I worked for EB Games, doesn't seem that long wow). I think it's about time the PS3 & 360 retired from retail sale.

    I see Amazon has shaken the market up so much JB hifi's first half profit is up 37% and most came from over the Christmas period.


      I don't know if i'm in the minority or whatever when it comes to Amazon Australia, but i'm not excited for them having a presence here. Because I still won't be able to buy the stuff I can't get shipped from Amazon US, UK, CA etc so what's the point damn it.

        Yeah, it was sarcasm. So many articles about how Amazon was going to shake the market up and destroy local retailers and they haven't made a dint in it yet.

          And they probably won't tbh. Australian retail is fucking expensive (mark up is even worse)*, postage is expensive, wages are high, cost of living is even worse.

          *I saw the buy price for one of our more popular bottles of wine at work, our sale price was over 4x the buy price. Makes me wonder how much we're paying for the $4 bottles then...

          Last edited 13/02/18 11:44 am

            Don't get me started on Bunnings and Mark ups.

            The $4 bottles of wine are probably loss leaders.

              Yeah, I can only imagine.

              I doubt it. Since Dans sell the same wine with a different name for $2.99. I wouldn't be surprised if we're paying at most $1 a bottle but probably more like 75 cents for a single bottle, it's sad how well that cheap shit sells.

              Also remember wine gets very little in the way of taxes imposed on it, which is why RTD shit like Little Fat Lamb is insanely cheap, $8 for a 1.25L bottle and it is 8%

      I'm happy because I'm able to get a recordable sound chip for the Zelda chest I am making for $13 from them. The only other prices I had found were $60 US

    A game I recently finished was Battle Chasers; Nightwar. I friggen loved this game, it's pretty much what I've wanted from RPGs for the last decade, an actual challenge. Normally people say the only interesting thing about RPGs is the story and characters. The story is pretty basic but the characters are decent and the lore journals you find are interesting. However it's the gameplay that really sells it.

    Normally in RPGs it's all a DPS race. If the game does provide a challenge it's usually post game dungeons or something. Even then it's just a matter of equipping the best and throwing out big numbers for damage. While Battle Chasers also does this it's the system that really makes it shine where each turn is a decision on how to approach each fight. Very rarely is the solution to just mash the basic attack button.

    The main key reason is that almost all attacks cause some kind of buff, debuff or status effect. You know how in say Final Fantasy the only real status effect to watch out for is Berserk because it takes away control? Getting poisoned is barely a hassle and inflicting poison is pointless as the enemy can die in the same amount of time to cast it by a simple attack. In BC all status effects can stack. Having 1,000 hp and inflicted by poison that does 100 damage each turn doesn't seem so bad. But what if you've been inflicted 5 times by it? Now you need to determine whether you need to remove it, heal yourself or attack the enemy to end the fight.

    Pretty much all abilities and attacks are useful, I rarely replaced a previous working ability with a new one. Fire doesn't become useless because you learned Fira. I was still using level 1 abilities at level 30. For example, your giant war golem (who's not the partys tank but actually the healer) basic attack inflicts sunder on the enemy, which removes 10% of their defense (can later be upgraded to 20%). Stuff like this prevents him from just spamming healing over and over.

    There's so much more to talk about in the game it will take too long. I really suggest getting it if you want a classic, JRPG-esq turn based game that's a real challenge.

      I was a Kickstarter backer for that but opted for the Switch port :(

      I was kinda curious about it, I loved BattleChasers the comic, and was pretty disappointed when there wasn't more comics etc, but from what you've said here, Nightwar should fit the bill nicely.


      What was with the in the chick in Total Recall having three breasts?

        It made sense in the original as the dirty air in the slums lead to mutations.

          Ah, I see.

            There's 3 armed people and a guy with one eye in the middle of his head. In the remake they were just paying homage to a scene from the original. If you have never seen it I highly recommend it.

    I'm sad, Kotaku reset on me, I had the dark theme cranking for ages & it's now reset to the white & it seems to can't change it back to the dark theme any more :(

      Does it just not enable it if you select it? I'm still running the dark theme just fine, some random white boxes and unreadable tables aside.

        It had vanished for ages cause I couldn't select it on my laptop. But it seems to be there on my PC, all is good.

        It should still be there? I saw @haoranun using it just the other day, and it works fine on my PC as well.

          It wasn't there for months on my laptop via Firefox on MacOS but always appeared on my Windows 10 desktop in Firefox, was so weird. All good now though haha.

    So... I've 100% finished Horizon Zero Dawn. Including all the DLC trophies. I actually had fun going back and completing it on Ultra Hard (something I've not done with any other game ever...). It's very very satisfying.

    What next from the Pile that is sitting here... Witcher 3? Uncharted: Lost Legacy? Mass Effect: Andromeda? Revisit Just Cause 3? Dip my toe back into Destiny 2 (if any friends are going to play the 2v2 stuff?). Or maybe... maybe my HZD experience learning to fight different machines different ways means I might "get" Bloodborne or similar?


      Wait for the PC version. =P problem solved

        You are wise.

          To be honest, I think most people are getting it for pc, even a few of the ones that already have it in ps4 so you may as well wait and play with all the friends

            As I said. Wise. :)

            Hunting with friends sounds fun.

              clear the backlog in that time. You've got months =P

                hahah that's just the PS4 backlog...

                ...don't look at the Steam pile. No, I said don't. DON'T.

                You looked. *crawls away in shame to hide under the Steam pile*

                  Trikeabout, I have so many old game sin my backlog. My backlog is so big that I have just given up on it at this point.

                  It's less of a backlog and more of a games library now.

      I've heard Witcher 3 is magnificent. It's what I'll be getting into once I finish ticking off my WoW goals before BfA. How big is the step up from Hard to Ultra Hard? I'm going through the game on Hard atm, and I think Ultra would just frustrate me.

        It was a New Game + on my third playthrough, just to get the final trophy. Aloy was already max level, with the Shield Weaver armour and all the Adept weapons that I gathered on my second playthough. Ultra Hard, the machines hit a lot harder, and enemies don't have heath bars. Traders are more expensive too. But it really wasn't too bad.

        I played using all the "fist" responses this time (BADASS COLD AS ICE ALOY). I skipped almost all the side quests except "Collateral" (because I'd done the precursor mission differently and wanted to see how that affected the follow-up mission), so I didn't have as many allies around. Just smashed through the main stories.

        Even so, I didn't die that much. Even got through the final boss battle without dying, mainly by staying on the move constantly and using fire weapons as much as possible in between precision or hardpoint shots at the weak points.

        I wouldn't want to do a couple of the Hunting Grounds in Ultra Hard though...

          Appreciate the spoiler tag! Fair enough. I may consider doing that too. Is the DLC worth it?

            I enjoyed it. The Banuk lands make up a decent area, and the design of HZD does cleverly make it feel a lot bigger than it is. There are a couple of weapon upgrades and Aloy can level to 60 (which makes the rest of the game a bit more managable). Good story too with interesting side quests. And there are some graphical tweaks that I wish they'd been able to patch back into the main areas - the snow tracks and footprints are very cool. 3 new machines (although two are variants of each other), and some new cute critters to murder.

            I wound up giving away my original HZD disc to a friend and buying the Complete Edition, getting the DLC that way.

            Funny thing is, despite going right through the main story 3 times (doing main questlines in different orders to see where the progression gates are...), the DLC once (on my second playthrough) and reloading my original game to finish the Frozen Wilds hunting grounds at an easier level for an elusive trophy, I still feel like going back. It's such a great world to potter about and savour.

      Bu- ... fine. *holds tongue* Harrumph.

      I really want to go back and re-attempt Bloodborne at some point - the aesthetic and theming is just too good to pass over... But not sure I can handle the inevitable frustration. That said, if it's in your pile, can wholeheartedly recommend giving it a try.

      Otherwise, Witcher 3 is amazing... well, at least the first (*checks steam*) 92 hours, tho I found the amount of content to be slightly overwhelming, and am only about 2/3 of the way through the main story - haven't touched the DLC, which I hear nothing but praise for.

        I picked up the Witcher 3 GOTY for PS4 for $20... This seemed sensible as I'm sure I'll get my $20 worth!

        Still without work so cannot spend money on a full priced new game just now (mildly miffed I can't get that $220 4K bluray player disguised as an Xbox too... :) ) - I'll hold off on MHW until there's a GOTY or I'm working or you turn up in Melbourne and strong-arm me into the nearest games emporium...

          Yep, Witcher 3 is amazing. I haven't played HZD (Xbox One X) so can't compare them, but it's very very good. I've finished main game, just working on DLC now.

          I'm also keen to jump back into Just Cause 3, I'm about 50% through it. I thoroughly enjoyed the carnage back on my original Xbox, despite the awful framerate, so should be pretty nice now on the Xbox X.

            JC3 was fun - I mostly sandboxed it wandering around causing mayhem (oddly enough, pretty much what I did with JC2...) but I did get stuck on one story mission that was a bit frustrating and it got sidelined for something else.

      HZD is still the only game I have a platinum trophy for. Such a brilliant game.

    Fucking hell, Samsung are fucking morons. A mate asked me to fix his Galaxy Note 3, because the charging port was COMPLETELY FUCKED, like unrecognisable. So I was all "yeah sure it;s only a $10 part" that was after I saw how easy it was to do..

    Anyway fast forward to after fixing it, I plug in just a regular micro USB cable, nothing.. Here's me thinking I have botched the repair, so I undo all TWELVE screws take it out & reseat it. Put the back on and a few screws, still nothing. Now this port is Micro USB 3.0 so it's the fat wide micro USB, so I thought maybe I should grab my only one of those cables & low & behold it charges.. Every other device I have ever used with micro USB 3.0 has been backwards compatible with a Micro USB 2.0 cable, but nope Samsung are too good to make the Note 3 backwards compatible like that, how fucking dumb.

    I also snapped his S pen in half on accident, so I bought a new one that was only a couple of bucks express posted from Sydney.

    Hey Kotaku, does anyone there know why soma still isn't available on the Australian xbone store? It's been up on the us one for aaaages. Still hanging ????

      I have no idea. Alex might? Maybe @negativezero?

        Haven't checked but 99% says it's a rating issue. Xbox doesn't allow unrated games to be sold on their store.

          See? Alex knows everything.

          Thanks! I wonder if it'll get released on switch first =P

            Thanks guys. Thought it might be that, seems like it's stuck in limbo. Bugger.

              It sucks, but unfortunately, not much you can do about it =/

    Saw Black Panther last night and I absolutely loved it. Some of the action sequences were really juddery though and made them hard to watch. Anyone else experience that? I thought it was just the cinema I was in, but my brother saw it at a different one and he thought the same. Aside from that I thought the characters were really well developed and I'd rate it up there in the top tier of Marvel movie.

    So I need a new watch, I have a really good mechanical watch by Pulsar which is older than me, it was my grandfathers. I have managed to chip & crack the glass again last time this happened I got @freezespreston to replace it for me which I greatly appreciated <3 but now it has happened again & the plating on the watch body has finally worn away too much that it reacts with my skin too much.

    So i've decided to retire it and look for a new watch. I keep coming back to an Apple Watch Series 3 cellular version because that actually makes the most sense, especially for me cause I never hear my phone ring when it is in my pocket or sometimes I leave my phone at home or inside when I am elsewhere and work always tries to call or text me then I swear..

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