Welcome To Final Fantasy (C)(X)(X)MMMCDLVI

Final Fantasy really has come a long way, it seems.

It’s not something most gamers use regularly, but every now and again it’s worth checking out the Square Enix online store for a deal or two. Reader Zach went to pick up a pre-order for Final Fantasy 15 on PC, which isn’t due out until March 6.

So he tried to pre-order it from the store, and got presented with a check for … $123,456.78.

I got the same prompt myself this morning. It wouldn’t let me through to checkout: you have to sign up for a Square Enix account, or attach the store to your Steam or Facebook logins. And given that Square’s offering FF15 for the price of a small house deposit, I think I’m good.

FF15 normally is supposed to be $US50. I’m sure Square will fix up this snafu eventually, unless they’d rather Aussie PC gamers give a 30% cut to Steam.

Update: Zach tells us that the pre-order actually did go through, with Square charging 50 cents for the trouble:

Square won’t bill the full amount until a few days before FF15 is released. Let’s see if someone notices before then.

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