Welcome To Final Fantasy (C)(X)(X)MMMCDLVI

Final Fantasy really has come a long way, it seems.

It's not something most gamers use regularly, but every now and again it's worth checking out the Square Enix online store for a deal or two. Reader Zach went to pick up a pre-order for Final Fantasy 15 on PC, which isn't due out until March 6.

So he tried to pre-order it from the store, and got presented with a check for ... $123,456.78.

I got the same prompt myself this morning. It wouldn't let me through to checkout: you have to sign up for a Square Enix account, or attach the store to your Steam or Facebook logins. And given that Square's offering FF15 for the price of a small house deposit, I think I'm good.

FF15 normally is supposed to be $US50. I'm sure Square will fix up this snafu eventually, unless they'd rather Aussie PC gamers give a 30% cut to Steam.

Update: Zach tells us that the pre-order actually did go through, with Square charging 50 cents for the trouble:

Square won't bill the full amount until a few days before FF15 is released. Let's see if someone notices before then.


    hahaha, for that price the pre-order bonus had better be 1:1 scale Regalia

    Given the number I'd say that's a placeholder price. Yeah, I know. I'm fun at parties.

    I want someone that is stupidly rich to actually purchase this just for laughs.

    Seems like normal Australian pricing to me...

      Australia Tax gone wild...

        Nah, that's pretty tame.

        I was once at Gloria Jeans to get a coffee while waiting for the express bus to university.

        Somehow the register glitched and listed my latte as 10,476 dollars.


          Ouch. I've had things glitch a couple of times over the years, but never remotely near that.

          Was it one of those double monkey poo filtered chai latte espresso things? With whipped cream?

            No, it was just a normal latte.

            And this was the discounted price because I bought my travel mug.

            The guy did fix the price because it was a glitch. But me being me, while he did fix it I called out to the rest of the store, "Is there a banker here than can loan me 10 grand for the coffee, please?"


    LOL - you journo's get paid too much if you can afford that :)

      You don't have to pay for it to get to the shopping cart, to be fair

    Wait, so he saw that price and pre-ordered anyway?

    Should put a 10% launch discount on there to get people to impulse buy!

    I might have been able to afford this if I didn't have coffee and avocado toast so often! :(

    Umm....technically he just agreed to pay over $100k for a game. It's a contract of sales now...they can charge him that much instead of $50.

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