Final Fantasy 15 PC Handles Ultrawide Resolution Like A Champ

Some games don't play well with ultrawide monitors, requiring mods or third-party programs to fill in the extra space properly. Final Fantasy 15 PC's ultrawide support is nearly perfect.

As Jason Schreier reported yesterday, the PC version of Final Fantasy 15 is looking good and playing good for both of us so far, but as the proud owner of a new LG 34-inch curved ultrawide monitor, I'd say mine looks about 640 pixels better.

These guys, right?

One of the more exciting things about owning a monitor that displays 2560x1080 instead of some multiple of 1920x1080 is starting up a new game to see if it can handle the extra length. While most modern titles have some sort of ultrawide support, slightly older games such as Fallout 4 and Dark Souls 3 don't, leaving it up to players to create mods and other workarounds. Final Fantasy 15 embraces ultrawide right from the start menu.

Seeing the backround extend all the way left and right made me very happy.

This is something the console version of the game definitely cannot do. The current crop of consoles is limited to the standard widescreen ratio of 16:9. You can hook up a console to a 21:9 ultrawide monitor, but at best it will just stretch the standard image. It won't look anything like this.

It's amazing how just a little more screen real estate enhances the game's sense of scale.

Final Fantasy 15: Windows Edition isn't completely ultrawide friendly. The in-game menus still display at 16:9 with black bars on the side, as do pre-rendered cutscenes.

But where it really matters, the game goes long. Check out the gallery below for some choice shots.


    Just in case the first 2 articles didn't get the point across ;)

    Actually the game handles ultrawide better then you think as it can do Native 5760x1080 across triple monitors with no black bars without a problem, if you have the power to run it at that

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