Praise The Sun, It's A Dark Souls Amiibo

No really, praise the sun. It's what the Solaire of Astora amiibo does.

Due out on May 25 alongside Dark Souls Remastered, tapping the Solaire of Astora amiibo to your Nintendo Switch while playing the game will cause your character to perform the iconic gesture.

I don't know if that's all it does - it's all the Nintendo Direct mentioned - but I think I'd be fine if it was. Yes. I will praise the sun. Thank you, $US13 ($17) toy.


    Even if i didn't own a Switch i would be buying this, it looks great!

    Interested to see if they can fix Blighttown in the remaster or if it will be a silky smooth 15 fps.

      Hope not, it all adds to the "difficulty" lol. Especially with a dozen or so monsters and swamp flys throwing blood at you. Dam I hate that place.

      It'll run at a solid 15fps, but output to 30 so blighttown runs at DOUBLE SPEED

    Now just waiting for the tarkus amiibo that lets you one-hit one enemy per day.

    This was the most disappointing announcement of the Direct for me. 'Sif not make Siegmeyer or Sif.

    I killed Solaire quite early in my first play through and never got caught up in the sunbro movement.

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