Residence Of Evil Looks To Be A Great Tribute To Capcom's Survival Horror Classic, If It Doesn't Get Killed By Lawyers First

Image: MoonGlint

Resident Evil for the original PlayStation? Probably my favourite game on the console and in my all-time top five. I'd be first in line to play a tribute title and as much as I like the look of MoonGlint's Residence of Evil, an in-development PC game that harks back to the survival horror's infancy, I can already feel the cease and desist letter being typed up right now.

RoE is named after the identically titled YouTube channel and will feature characters based on the creators of the channel. While it's a bit on the nose, it doesn't really bother me.

What I think will be a problem, however, is that despite plans for the game to be released free of charge, I reckon Capcom will still draw issue with it. I mean, just look at the logo.

Image: MoonGlint / Residence of Evil

I don't want to be that guy, but I can't see a world where this doesn't get utterly dunked on by Capcom. There's no mention in the video (or anywhere else) that it's been cleared by the publisher. The only response RoE provides when asked about potential legal troubles is:

Character models will be replaced and currently serve as a placeholder.

Which isn't reassuring.

If Capcom wants to kill it, it's done it to other projects before and I'm sure it'll have no problem doing it again.

All the best to MoonGlint and RoE. Hopefully, Capcom doesn't ruin the party.

[YouTube, via DSOGaming]


    After years of publishers closing down fan projects for their similarities to existing IP, you'd think people would be smart enough to not do dumb shit like make their homage almost identical, or use assets from the original.

    The killer for me is the hubris of Youtubers designing games that feature themselves. Project ought to be canned just for that.

      I reckon it's deliberate. This is to build hype and notoriety and then they just change the name and character models later on.

      I completely agree. Seeing this makes me want to punch them (the creators) in the face.

    Using the actual 2D art from the original box cover and the zombie models from previous games seems monumentally stupid.

    The logo would've been totally fine without the copyright infringement and placeholder models can just be generic unity or unreal store assets. Problem solved and no lawsuit.

    Funny how yall talk about what you know little of. ROE has people inside CAPCOM and has helped the RE community get the RE2remake by running the most populated Remake Resident evil 2 FB page.

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