Super Smash Bros Is Coming To The Switch This Year

Super Smash Bros Is Coming To The Switch This Year

Finally announced at the end of this morning’s Direct, Nintendo has finally confirmed what many have wanted: Super Smash Bros on the Switch.

The game has a release date of “2018”, and was announced via a video that showed two Splatoon characters as well as a range of Smash staples, including Link and Mario.

It’s not known at this stage whether Super Smash Bros is a new Smash entirely. On the bright side, the CGI trailer did appear to show off a new version of Link from Breath of the Wild:


    • Yup. I’d say it’d be a similar case to Mario Kart, same base game but with updated content and a range of tweaks that change how it plays under the hood.

      • The Logo that they have shown is brand new, and doesn’t match the WIi U and 3DS logo.

        my bet is that it will be marketed as a new game, but it most likely will run on the same engine as 4, with a lot of the characters coming back and a bunch of new ones, and maybe something substantial added like a proper story mode or something, also a complete UI redesign to make sure it looks new.

        btw i’m not saying that they are being scummy or anything, because if they’ve put enough effort into it then it should be considered a sequel and not a port, just depends on what effort they’ve put in.

        • “It’s just the same Super Smash Bros with a new logo.”

          *children storm store*

    • Also consider:

      – Brand new logo, that doesn’t look like the Wii U/3DS logo
      – New character designs for Link, Samus and probably others
      – Coming “2018”, but it’s likely targeting the end of the year for a Christmas release
      – Sakurai says that a title has yet to be confirmed, and he doesn’t have anything further to reveal yet. He’s also been working on the game for 2+ years already
      – Smash games have never ever ever ever ever ever ever been ported to another console. Ever. The closest you got was Smash 64 appearing on the Virtual Console

      All these signs point to a new game to me, not an enhanced port of Smash 4.

  • Considering Smash Wii U is still stuck under the weight of unbalanced DLC characters (Bayonetta & Cloud anyone?), and Melee is still stuck being elitist garbage with literally broken controllers needed for competitive play, hopefully this might bring a reset to the whole scene.

    • Probably, but considering more people now own a Switch than a WiiU (for reference Smash WiiU is the lowest selling Smash Game to date, lower than the N64 original, and it’s still the fifth best selling game on the system), why shouldn’t they port over the games?

      I’d rather they fill release holes in the first few years of the Switch’s life cycle with enhanced ports of games not enough people got a chance to play, than the system be limited to one or two “must have” titles per year.

      I own a WiiU, too. Any time a port of something I already own comes out, I just don’t buy it. There’s enough new stuff coming out to keep me busy.

      • See I feel like there I not enough new stuff to keep me busy. Splatoon 2 is basically the first game with slight changes (not so much after the PAID update happens), MK8 is MK8 and Skyrim is Skyrim.
        Most of the titles on the console aren’t new. It was a more exciting time at the Wii U launch Forbes people who I bought it. I’m sure some Switch users are getting the same buzz, but I don’t care about their experience. I care about mine. I bought a Wii U and expected it to not be replaced three years after launch.
        Nintendo loyalty has been a costly and thankless thing.

        • Guess you were sleeping when they released Mario Odyssey. But you can remedy that now! I wholeheartedly recommend it.

          • Ha! Literally just put Odyssee down.
            Probably started development as a Wii U game…

          • Here’s a tip to find out whether you have a bias, big or small. You ask yourself, when you are faced with a fact that contradicts a given internal narrative: “Is the first explanation that comes to mind for that contradictory fact a baseless, made up theory that is much less likely to be true than the more evident and likely explanation, but which allows it not to be contradictory, but rather reaffirming?”

          • its a tip, but is it a good one? I’m aware of my frustrations being biased. I owned a Wii U and don’t want to have to see the titles I’ve akready owned rereleased ad nauseum.
            There’s much neater self assessment tools for self checking bias.

          • Yeah, that’s my point. I understand your frustration (I also have a Wii U), but Mario Oddissey is a perfect example that Nintendo will create original, AAA games for the Switch (and get them from third parties as well, like Mario vs Rabbids). What I’m telling you is that instead of having to twist that evidence to keep your pessimistic position, you could use them to give yourself hope for the future.

          • Nah the sleeping was when trying to play it 😛

            Ok that was unfair. The sleeping actually came after turning it off out of frustration at the design direction.

  • I’d love to see some heaps random new characters:
    Super Meat Boy is selling heaps well on the Switch isn’t it? Add him and make him move ridiculously… and put red everywhere.
    I’d like the kid from Inside and he’s totally useless until he gets the smash ball… then it’s like the end of Inside and the best sh*t ever.
    Put Yoda in the game. I know it’s a terrible cross-over but he’s really just a cartoon character anyway, would be a great fit as a character.
    I’d love a random Character from F-Zero to make it across. Preferably Mr EAD so I can yell “Eat a d*ck!” at my opponents.

    I bet you $100 the game gets a handful of Mario Odyssey inspired powerups.

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